What stage name was SUGA using before joining BTS?


Min Yoongi is currently known as Suga, but before joining BTS he had another stage name, do you know what it is?

With seven talented members in BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook), some of these idols took part in music before joining this K-pop group. That includes Suga, who actually had a different stage name when he was rapping with his hip-hop group. Here’s what we know about Min Yoongi’s different stage names.

What does Suga’s stage name mean?

Most of the BTS members use a stage name when performing with the group. Kim Namjoon’s name is RM, formerly Rap Monster. Kim Taehyung is called V. One of the rappers in the group, and the performer behind songs like “Seesaw” and “Interlude: Shadow”, is known as Suga.

This stage name is mainly related to the position on the court that Min Yoongi was assigned to when he played basketball. According to the Korean Portal, “Suga generally plays the role of an escort, and the stage name Suga was taken from the first syllables of this term.”

Suga Releases Solo Music Like “Agust D”

It’s super sweet, which is why Min Yoongi’s stage name is so perfect. When he performs alongside the BTS members, he calls himself Suga. However, when Suga releases solo music, including the music video for “Daechwita,” he has a different name: Agust D.

Agust D’s stage name comes from a reversal of his BTS stage name “Suga” as well as a recognition of the underground rap group he was a part of, D-Town. (Some also report that it is a reference to their hometown, Daegu Town.)

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He often raps and sings alongside other BTS members, including J-Hope and RM. However, with his solo project, Suga has more freedom to explore different types of music in his songs.

“I can show a more raw side of myself,” he explains about his character Agust D, during an interview with Time magazine. “It’s the music I wanted to make, rather than trying something new.”

What was Suga’s stage name before BTS?

Even before joining BTS, Suga was involved in creating and performing music. According to Koreaherald, “In 2010, when he was part of the D-Town hip-hop team, he produced the song” 518-062 “in commemoration of the Gwangju Uprising.”

When he performed as an underground rapper, Suga was called “Gloss”. He used this name because it was similar to the meaning of his real name, “Yoongi”, which roughly translates to “shine” or “shine”.

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