What Should You Do If Your Smartphone Falls Into Water?


What steps should be followed if the smartphone, which is more common in summer, falls into water? We told in our article…


Smart phones, which are indispensable elements of our daily life, are among the electronic devices that allow us to handle all our work easily. These devices, which have become more capable with the developing technology, have started to increase their resistance to environmental conditions such as water and dust, especially in recent years.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the smartphones on the market are not waterproof, but are resistant to liquids up to a certain level. For this reason, phones should never come into contact with water. However, in some cases, various accidents may occur and the devices may fall or come into contact with water. So what should you do if your smartphone falls into water? We explained in our article…

Note: The solution methods we will give below are short-term. For this reason, it will be more beneficial to get help from a professional as soon as possible.

What steps should you follow if your smartphone falls into water?

This situation, which is almost ceiling in the summer months and annoys the users greatly; It can occur in dozens of scenarios, such as entering the pool with a smartphone or spilling the beverage on the table on the device.

In such cases, users should do the following without wasting time. Otherwise, irreversible damage will occur to your smartphone.

Never try to open the phone

After rescuing the smartphone from water that it has fallen into or come into contact with, first check if the device is turned off. If the phone is turned off, never try to turn it on. Otherwise, the possibility of a short circuit in the device will increase in connection with the water entering the phone.

Remove the battery, SD card and SIM card

The second action to be done at this point is; will be to remove the battery, SD card and SIM card. However, since the back covers of most of the smartphones released in recent years are integrated into the case, it will become a little troublesome to remove the battery, especially.

If you do not have enough technical knowledge on this subject, you will have to skip the step of removing the battery in order not to damage the device further. (Get help from someone with technical knowledge at this point.)

Dry the phone with a cloth or towel

After following the above steps, you need to start the drying process. Try to dry your phone with a towel or soft cloth without pressing too hard. Don’t miss the holes like the charging port and headphone jack, either. Remember that the more water you can absorb in this step, the more chances you have of drying the phone.

During the drying phase, there will be points that the towel and cloth cannot reach. In this case, clean it thoroughly with cotton and cotton buds to make sure that the water entering your phone is removed.

Lay your phone in a bowl of rice or silica gel

Although some people think that investing the phone in brass is more harmful, in environments where it is not possible to get professional support, rice may be preferred to absorb the moisture in the device. Depending on the amount of water the phone is exposed to, keeping it in a bowl of rice for 24 to 48 hours will work in the short term.

In addition, silica gel, which is a sodium silicate that prevents the deterioration of foods, vegetable products, leather goods, chemical dyes and most perishable things in daily life, can be preferred for absorbing the moisture of the phone. At this point, as with rice, the phone should be kept in a bowl filled with silica gel.


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