What science wants from Joe Biden


In December 2016, scientists from around the world helped their American colleagues copy, on independent servers, decades of weather measurements and irreplaceable public data to protect them from the then future president and denialist of the climate crisis Donald Trump. Now, with his defeat, the scientific community hopes that President-elect Joe Biden will remedy all the damage that Trump has done to the country’s science – and, by the way, the world.

If some issues are internal (such as oil drilling in regions of environmental preservation), others concern the planet, such as the definitive departure of the USA from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump encouraged discredit by science, downplayed the effects of climate change and despised the power of SARS-CoV-2. After four years of disinformation, President-elect Joe Biden’s work will be immense – on global issues, this is what the world expects:

Action against covid-19
The pandemic is advancing in the USA with no signs of abating: the country today has 9.8 million infected and 236.5 thousand dead – 133 thousand more cases every day.

The new government’s plans are to increase testing and tracking of infected people in the country and to reestablish pandemic preparedness programs, cut by the current presidency.

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