What Ryan Hurst Tells About the Fate of Beta


The Walking Dead faced a six-month delay before airing season 10’s “A Certain Doom,” meaning star Ryan Hurst had to remain silent about Beta’s fate for much longer than expected.

Ryan Hurst talked about learning about Alpha’s big death and how it affected both the show and Beta.

“I had some conversations with Angela and Greg about where we wanted to take the Beta character after Alpha goes. So after Samantha left, they brought her back as this ghost for that episode. I’m really happy in the way that Beta was developed in the series “.

While Alpha and Beta won’t be returning when The Walking Dead returns, fans can look forward to seeing Lauren Cohan’s Maggie return in full to take on some “old demons” alongside her mysterious masked ninja friend.

Additionally, showrunner Angela Kang and her creative team will present more elements of the Commonwealth comic book community, now that viewers have seen the uniformed security team from that area.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to see what happens next. The Walking Dead is currently on hiatus during production of the next batch of season 10 episodes that will establish the eleventh and final season when it premieres in October 2021.

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