What rolones! These are the 10 most listened to video game songs on Spotify


A great evolution in various aspects
Video games have evolved a lot since they first arrived. They have gone from being two sticks on a screen to becoming complex works of art. One of the things that has improved the most is music. Gone are those little computer beeps to make way for songs worthy of being on our Spotify playlists.


Surely in your time playing you have come across a song that has captivated you and has led you to want to listen to it several times. If you made those reproductions on Spotify, perhaps you contributed to your favorite song entering the top of the most listened to video game songs on the platform.

The most popular video game songs on Spotify are …

The Brazilian video game news site, PlayState, shared an image in which it allows us to see a top 10 of the most listened to video game songs on Spotify. The image has some surprises and some songs that we are not surprised at all that they are on the list.

This count is very much in line with a past Spotify ranking shared by Forbes a few months ago. The PlayState list has several of the same songs, only they decided to take only one song per franchise. But enough of preambles, here we leave you the top 10 so you can see if your favorite entered.

As you can see, the undisputed king, at least on Spotify, is the song Sweden from Minecraft, followed by the song Blow me away from Halo 2 and Rip and Tear from Doom. Just by looking at these first three, we realize that there are gamers with great taste on the music platform.

The list also includes songs from other beloved titles such as God of War and The Witcher 3. If you are disappointed because your favorite is not there, do not forget that Spotify does not have many classic video games in its catalog. Maybe if it were the music of Donkey Kong Country or Zelda, we would be facing a totally different list. Do you agree with the songs and their positions?


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