What RM did to admire Moon Attention ARMY


The leader RM of the South Korean group BTS, left the ARMY very crazy by sharing some adorable photos.

The rapper RM of the K-Pop group BTS, is one of the most charming boys in the boy band, every time he performs some activity away from the stage, the ARMY does not resist sharing various photographs and videos of his favorite idol, just as it happened in a new post.

In addition to composing songs, the dancer likes to entertain himself in different hobbies when he is not performing any choreography with the other members of the band, which has made it clear that he is a boy who cares about nature.

And it is that through a recent publication made by the ARMY of the K-Pop group BTS, they have shown what the rapper RM does to admire the Moon more closely, because in his free time he likes to enjoy a beautiful landscape at night.

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RM drives the ARMY crazy by admiring the Moon
The 26-year-old South Korean singer of the BTS group did not resist taking various photographs to appreciate the Moon more closely, even his admirers revealed that when he was looking at the sky he began to mention: “Moon, moon what kind of moon “, so the ARMY was fascinated.

And it is that those words that the rapper said, his admirers revealed that it was the lyrics of a traditional Korean song for children, because everything seems to indicate that the idol has unforgettable memories of his childhood, because since he was little he looked so charming .

BTS’s RM has managed to establish himself as one of the most influential South Korean K-Pop artists along with the other idols of the boy band, so the ARMY enjoys sharing with other followers various photos and videos of their favorite idols.

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