What Punishment Deshaun Watson Will Reportedly Accept from the NFL


Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson knows he will be suspended for at least some time. But with the NFL aiming for much more than it currently plans, Watson is willing to accept some more lost time.

According to the Associated Press, Watson is willing to accept an eight-game suspension and a $5 million fine in exchange for a final settlement of the misconduct dispute with the NFL. It is reported that the AP source is “a person familiar with Watson’s defense.”

The NFL is currently eyeing a one-year suspension after an arbitrator ruled that Watson’s conduct warranted a suspension of only six games. It’s unclear if the NFL will agree to Watson’s eight-game offer.

In addition to the suspension for the season, the NFL is demanding a much larger fine, and Watson must undergo an examination and treatment in accordance with the decision of medical experts before he can be reinstated.

More than two dozen women have accused Deshaun Watson of sexual harassment because of a massage he received when he was a member of the Houston Texans.

This was one of the reasons Watson didn’t play at all in 2021, despite not being suspended or placed on the commissioner’s exclusion list.

But it also didn’t stop the Cleveland Browns from making a brilliant deal to exchange Watson and immediately sign him to a five-year, $230 million contract.

This is a wild situation that the NFL and Watson find themselves in, and not one that will be completed in a way that makes everyone happy.


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