What Pascal Schmidt posted on Instagram ahead of Season 4


Despite the fact that the graduate of the series “Welcome to Plattville” Max Kalschmidt will no longer appear in the series, fans are curious about what the former TLC star posted on her social networks before the premiere. The young man who broke the heart of Moria Plath, told about his life after parting with the singer. Now fans will need to follow him on his Instagram, instead of seeing him on a family show.

When Moriah first started dating Max, the two seemed like a couple locked up in heaven. Max was Moria’s first boyfriend, and although they had their moments, fans were overjoyed to see Max give Moria a promise ring on his little finger at the end of the third season. Max seemed like a tough guy, as he treated Moria well. He even got along with Kim and Barry Plath, who accepted him as a new member of their extended family. Unfortunately, Max’s carnal urges could not be contained, and instead of moving to Tampa with Moria, he cheated on her.

For the most part, Max doesn’t hold back when it comes to posting cryptic messages on his Instagram. The 21-year-old is happy to share his daily adventures with subscribers and continues to live in Georgia. Although he didn’t actually mention “Welcome to Plattville,” Max posted a few teasers for fans. Below are the best photos he added before the season 4 premiere.

Mr. Misunderstood

When rumors of infidelity circulated around him, Max claimed that he was misunderstood. He was wearing a red shirt and a cowboy hat and impressed the audience, who wanted him to just explain himself. Although he doesn’t appear as a full-time actor in “Welcome to Plattville,” he met with Micah Platt for a five-minute conversation. During the conversation, he tried his best to share his point of view.

Max is a little suspicious

Recently, Max shared a photo of himself fishing on the river. Fans felt that he was trying to portray himself as a very laid-back person. Previously, Moriah appreciated his atmosphere of active recreation, and fans were looking forward to the couple’s new adventures. Unfortunately, it looks like all Max will be kissing is this slimy fish in his hands.

Max, motivational speaker

A month before “Welcome to Plattville” appeared on the small screen, Max posted an inspiring update. In the picture, he was standing on a rock in the middle of a lake in Georgia. Max wore a backward-facing baseball cap and stared into the distance. Unfortunately, the quote was not added, as Max shared that he hardly remembers what he ate for breakfast.