What Olivia Wilde Taught Caitlin Dever at Booksmart That She Still Uses in Her Game


When the Booksmart comedy came out in 2019, a few people involved at the highest level still didn’t know what to do with storytelling, making movies and reaching out to a wider audience. It was the directorial debut of actress Olivia Wilde, and her two main actors — Caitlin Dever and Beanie Feldstein — received the main roles after performing in ensembles. It was a learning experience for everyone involved (although judging by the recent drama about “Don’t Worry, Honey,” Wilde may have needed other lessons). And now that Dever is moving on to “Ticket to Heaven,” we were wondering what she learned from her collaboration with Wilde and how it still applies to her current work.

In the new movie “Ticket to Heaven” Caitlin Dever plays the adult daughter of Julia Roberts and George Clooney. It’s some kind of DNA! And while Dever filled her teeth in the hugely successful sitcom “The Last Survivor” with Tim Allen, her work on Booksmart propelled her into the broader movie star spotlight and gave her the opportunity to play in the same comedy sandbox as Roberts and Clooney. . So when Dever took part in the CinemaBlend ReelBlend podcast, she told her about what Olivia Wilde had taught her about filming and being open to ideas. Dever told us:

It really seemed to me that we all came together to do something very fun. And I think I learned a lot from Olivia, but I think the main takeaway from this movie is that when you’re having a good time in the movie and you’re really confident – and it really starts with Olivia – when you’re having a good time and making sure everyone feels well and felt comfortable, it really shows on the screen. So I think there’s something so exciting in every frame of this movie because we were all so excited to be there. So happy to be there.

As Caitlin Dever continues to explain, it wasn’t as easy as one might imagine, because more than half of this film was shot in the evening, which led to long night filming and an unusual schedule of the crew and actors. But she says that even at 3 a.m., the actors still had the best time to shoot. As Dever explained:

What Olivia Wilde Taught Kaitlyn Dever On Booksmart That She Still Uses In  Her Acting | Cinemablend

I think the energy on set really matters. So, I really thought about it in the projects I did after. But I also think that in general, all of us actually, (Wilde) really allowed us to have a voice and encourage us to use our voice, to use what we came into the project with.

It seems that Caitlin Dever collaborated much better with Olivia Wilde at Booksmart than the star of “Black Widow” Florence Pugh, who worked on the dramatic thriller “Don’t worry, Darling”, which generated all sorts of rumors after production and overshadowed the release of the film (especially in the world). premiere in Venice). The director came out and said she was still proud of “Don’t worry, honey,” just like Caitlin Dever is proud of how “Buxmart” turned out.

If you want to see what Dever has been doing lately, buy a ticket to “Ticket to Paradise” and enjoy your vacation with George, Julia and Caitlin.


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