What Olivia told about her Parisian adventure Welcome To Plathville


Welcome to Plathville Stars Olivia and Ethan Plath are thriving away from Cairo, Georgia, and Olivia is sharing facts about her trip to Paris, France. The couple started a new life in Tampa, Florida, but it looks like their move was just the beginning. Olivia has always loved to travel and explore, and now her passion for traveling has been passed on to Ethan. These two go on a journey, and their first stop is the beautiful and romantic City of Light.

Olivia is the carefree spirit that brought Ethan out of his shell. She shows him that there is more to life than his small hometown. Even though he generally doesn’t want to change, it looks like their decision to expand is good for both of them. The young couple has not been on the same wavelength for a long time. how they struggled to meet face to face. The strained relationship with Ethan’s parents, Kim and Barry Plath, took its toll on them. The distance they put between themselves and the unnecessary drama helped, but it turned out to have long-term consequences. Their marriage looked like it was on the verge of divorce as it was difficult for them to grow up together rather than separate. Spending time in a new place may be exactly what they need to get back on track.

On Instagram Olivia captured the beautiful views in a beautifully chosen post, writing: “Getting to know our new neighborhood and feeling happy that we can call Paris our home for the next month.” They seem to be enjoying every moment, and fans are happy to see Ethan and Olivia so happy together. One fan wrote: “Paris looks good on both of you! Enjoy!” Olivia proves how talented she is in photography, with Paris as the backdrop for her aesthetically stunning photos. From enjoying coffee on the balcony with the Eiffel Tower outside the window to walking the streets of Paris with Ethan, she tells subscribers in detail about the city and everything she is going through.

Another fan commented on her post. by writing: “Come to London,” to which Olivia replied: “Next month!” It looks like Olivia and Ethan are planning to keep filling out their passports, as they need time to travel and enjoy each other’s company. Fans are happy that they are having fun and going on new adventures together, side by side.

In the past, Olivia admitted that fame in reality scares, and this undoubtedly affected their relationship. Despite the difficulties, they continue to experience ups and downs. Viewers have been following them on their journey since the beginning of “Welcome to Platteville,” and while they have their differences, fans hope they can overcome this and come out on the other side together.