What Olivia Flowers posted on the eve of season 8 of “Southern Charm”


Olivia Flowers is one of the new stars of the 8th season of “Southern Charm”, and fans will learn all about her glamorous life even before the premiere thanks to several wonderful Instagram posts. The newcomer will likely continue to face drama this season, especially as her new boyfriend Austin Kroll is engaged to his ex. Austin and Madison Lecroy dated from 2018 to 2020, but since then Madison has found love, and Austin is trying to continue a relationship with Olivia.

Olivia was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. When the pandemic broke out, she trained in Los Angeles before eventually returning to her hometown. For those who are interested in how Olivia fits into the Southern Charm group, she is friends with Lefty Bonaparte, who appeared in the seventh season. Olivia is also in a relationship with co-star Austin, after he got into her private messages.

The Southern Charm star has already amassed almost 23,000 Instagram followers, and that number is likely to grow as more episodes of the popular reality show air. Olivia will continue to get more and more confused with the rest of the cast, especially after Madison outshone her in the Season 8 premiere for calling her a “house girl.” Fans can’t wait to see how the relationship of the new charmer develops during the season.

showing off your charmReality TV star Olivia has pleased fans with the new season of “Southern Charm” by posting a photo of the entire cast in all its glory. There are a few familiar faces this season: Austin, Leva, Craig Conover, Catherine Dennis, Madison Lecroy and Naomi Olindo (to name just a few) are returning. Olivia was joined as Season 8 newcomers by Marcy Hobbs and Bread Ravenell.

Sailing on the high seas

At IG, Olivia showed off a carefree and funny side of herself by pretending to be a boat captain in South Carolina, her home state. She looked at home in a casual way in a baseball cap. Despite the photo of the “Southern Charm” star, she assured fans that she has no idea how to operate a boat. The ship was moored so she could pretend to be the steering wheel for the photo.

Olivia’s model status

Southern Charm fans have filled Olivia’s comments section with compliments about her outfit, her looks and her burgeoning model status. Unfortunately for some fans, Olivia’s recent Instagram posts don’t have details about her relationship with Austin. It’s likely to be one of the biggest storylines this season, especially in light of the strained relationship between her and Austin with Madison.