What music does RM listen to? Know your favorite songs


The idol is a fan of “Remember me” from the movie Coco. What kind of music does RM listen to from BTS? RM is a fan of “Remember me”, COCO’s OST , an animated Disney movie that takes up the Day of the Dead tradition.

As a singer, it is essential that they have inspirations or a preferred style, so although RM is very popular thanks to BTS, he also admires other artists for his songs. From pop, classic rock, hip hop, even movie soundtracks, the idol has an extensive list of songs he listens to on a daily basis, including K-pop.

If you want to know more about the music and artists RM listens to , we leave you a list with the idol’s favorite songs , without a doubt it has a great influence on the part of renowned rappers from the United States, their friendship with other celebs is also because it is fan of some of their singles.

You can explore all the idol’s musical tastes through RM’s Spotify playlist , the idol has shared his tastes with ARMY.


Namjoon praised “Hello”, a single from the NU’EST group, in fact, Suga confessed that the leader of BTS sang it in the shower.

“Hello” talks about a boy who cares about someone special, caring for him to return home safely; however, he is unrequited and his attempts are in vain when he sees his with someone else.

He is also a fan of BTS songs like “DNA”, “Moon” by Jin, among others.


Namjoon has his playlist on YouTube, in which he has added well-known and local artists, as well as OST.

“Coco”, with the song Remember Me, managed to conquer the idol.
Lady Gaga sneaked onto his list with Rain on Me, alongside Ariana Grande, whom they met during the Grammy rehearsal.
He also likes a song called Aliens, as well as Shin Hae Gyeong, Ha Hyunsang, and Se So Neon, local artists who inspire him with their music.

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Halsey, not for nothing are friends and have already collaborated, RM is a fan of several songs from his album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.
Katy Perry, another of the pop figures released ‘Thinking Of You’ in 2009 and RM became a fan.
Troye Sivan, who collaborated on one of BTS’s songs, managed to conquer it with his song Strawberries & Cigarettes.
Camila Cabello also conquered it to the rhythm of “Havana”

Rap hip hop

Mac Miller, one of the best rappers whom his fans remember for his music, is another of Namjoon’s inspirations with themes from his album “The divine feminine”.
Khalid is a fan of his album “American Teen”.
Post Malone is another of his favorites, who has a collaboration called ‘Celebrate’, alongside Travis Scott and DJ Khaled, the latter has a song called ‘Talk’, another song of his favorites.
Kendrick Lamar with DNA, not only share titles, but also hip hop talent.
Eminem, one of the great rap figures, “Lose Yourself” is his favorite.
Roger and Dr. Dre have a song called “California Love”, considered a classic of American hip hop, it was released in 1995 and RM is a big fan of it.
Drake likes “Passionfruit” and Chris Brown likes “So cold”.


David Bowie, John Lennon and Michael Jackson are some of the music figures that are among his favorites. The rock, the dance and the legend behind them have conquered RM.

Alternative rock comes from Muse with Supermassive Black Hole.

The nostalgia part comes with “Robbers” by The 1975, an alternative rock group.


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