What Monkey Island games do I need to play before returning to Monkey Island


Back at the dawn of computer gaming, the various LucasArts adventure game series were considered some of the best gaming experiences, offering witty text, intuitive controls and dense storytelling in an environment that didn’t often have these elements. The LucasArts series “Monkey Island” made a splash for many, and after a long break, the series returns with “Return to Monkey Island”.

Led by the creator of the original series, Ron Gilbert, Return to Monkey Island returns the series to its roots in the point-and-click genre, once again putting a witty script and creatively quirky characters at the forefront of the experience. And according to recently published reviews, “Return to Monkey Island” is a real return to form for a multi—year series. Before players can jump straight into the sixth installment of the franchise, they may want to try out the rest of the Monkey Island series first.

What Monkey Island games do fans need to play before returning to Monkey Island

“Return to Monkey Island” officially takes place shortly after the events of the second game “Monkey Island”. So, for newcomers to the series and longtime fans who may have forgotten any plot details, it’s probably worth playing the first two Monkey Island games before moving on to the new Return to Monkey Island, although they’ll probably be able to put together important plot twists of the series at the moment.

In order for players to get the full picture, they need to first go through The Secret of Monkey Island, the original 1990 graphic adventure game. According to the general plot of The Secret of Monkey Island, players control Guybrush Threepwood, a charismatic young man whose only goal in life is to become a pirate. Throughout the adventure, Guybrush will meet many colorful characters, from Stan, a used boat salesman, to Governor Elaine Marley. Having successfully passed three pirate trials, Guybrush learns about the mysterious ghost pirate LeChaka, whose treasures are supposedly located on Monkey Island, and goes to make a fortune.

Released just a year later, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge takes place just a few months after the first game, and players once again see how players control the cute dolt, Guybrush Threepwood. This time Guybrush is looking for the treasures of the Big Whoop and again has to fight Lechak, resurrected as a zombie. Monkey Island 2 takes players on a round-the-world trip to many different islands, further expanding the series’ quirky cast of characters with fan-favorite faces such as Wally and Largo LeGrande.

The recently released “Return to Monkey Island” begins immediately after the events of “Monkey Island 2: LeChak’s Revenge” and shows Guybrush telling his son Boybrush his heroic sea stories. This time, the players control Guybrush, who is trying to assemble a team and enough resources to return to the titular Monkey island and finally reveal its secret. Although the timeline is a bit unclear, it seems that the third, fourth and fifth installments of the series are still canonical, although they are not crucial to the main narrative of “Return to Monkey Island”. And although it’s not necessary for players to have experience of the first two games of the franchise or later, in “Return to Monkey Island” there will definitely be a lot of references and Easter eggs that can fly over the heads of players if they don’t have.

Return to Monkey Island is already available on PC and Nintendo Switch.


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