What might the second chapter of “Very Strange Cases” look like in Dead by Daylight


“Very Strange Things” is considered the most interesting licensed DLC ever released in Dead by Daylight. His killer character, Demogorgon, and the surviving characters, Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler, were received positively in terms of Demogorgon’s engaging gameplay, as well as Steve and Nancy’s competent likeness. His map of the kingdom, the Hawkins National Laboratory, enjoyed much less success.

Players were relatively happy with Hawkins National Laboratory’s departure from Dead by Daylight after Netflix’s license for “Very Strange Things” expired, even if, unfortunately, the DLC characters agreed to it. Because licensing agreements are limited, and Netflix may not have benefited appreciably from Dead by Daylight holding the license, the “Very Strange Cases” content was effectively discontinued. It may seem like a done deal, but Dead by Daylight would have endless potential with the second chapter of “Very Strange Things” if the license was ever renewed.

The case of Dead by Daylight about the renewal of the license for the TV series “Very strange things”

It is unknown whether Dead by Daylight has any say in restoring Netflix’s license for “Very Strange Things” after it expires. This shows how lucky Dead by Daylight is not only to get licenses for characters from their favorite horror media, but also to keep them for so long without any consequences that they can be deprived of players in the game. the near future.

Despite the fact that the asymmetric horror game features fantastic original characters, Dead by Daylight prides itself on crossovers with such iconic characters as Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger and others, which would not have been possible without these licensing partnerships. For example, new killer characters like Dredge are an exciting demonstration of what Behavior is capable of creating on its own, but a huge advantage for its players is the possibility of characters from fan-favorite franchises collaborating.

Some fans may not even be interested in Dead by Daylight until one of their favorite franchises is turned on, as was probably the case when Dead by Daylight announced its first chapter of Resident Evil. This expansion features Nemesis, Leon S. Kennedy, and Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes, and it may boost the popularity of this franchise among new players interested in Dead by Daylight.

In addition, the second chapter of Resident Evil was recently announced, and many leaks suspect that this is the next chapter, which will be released in September this year. Indeed, it is a pity that the license for “Very Strange Things” was revoked at all, especially due to the continued popularity of the show. There is currently no indication that the Stranger Things license will be renewed, but now there are many characters that Dead by Daylight can introduce to accompany Demogorgon, Steve and Nancy.

Characters who died in daylight may appear in the second chapter of “Very Strange Cases”

For the second chapter of “Very Strange Cases,” it would make the most sense to capitalize on the current season of the Netflix show—the main reason is that Dead by Daylight can then introduce Vecna as its new killer character. In “Very Strange Cases” there are not enough humanoid or other physical enemies who could stand among the colorful killers of Dead by Daylight and seem just as powerful.

Vecna is a terrifying creature with a unique ability to target the injuries of its victims, which can create exciting environmental and gameplay effects as its killing power. Vecna could have had two initial appearances: one as a hideous figure with a mustache, and the other as an orderly, formerly known as Henry Creel. Moreover, Vecna already has the perfect Mori, already designed and concretized, as he lifts his victims into the air before breaking their limbs, breaking their jaws and crushing their eyeballs.

No other potential killer character from “Very Strange Cases” is even close to Vekna’s adaptability. However, from the point of view of the surviving character, Dead by Daylight can consider many options. Looking back at what he usually does, Dead by Daylight prefers to add survivor characters consisting of one man and one woman.

Given this, potential canonical couples could be Eleven and Mike Wheeler, Max Mayfield and Billy Hargrove or Lucas Sinclair, Susie Bingham and Dustin Henderson, Robin Buckley and Eddie Munson, Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper or a number of other character pairs. Dead by Daylight will also get the most out of the extended license by creating skins for any surviving characters he chooses that will resemble other characters, for example, the skin for Steve changes the model so that he resembles Jonathan Byers.

If the second chapter of “Very Strange Cases” were ever released, it could conclude its related content with a killer and a survivor.