What might the movie “Sons of Midnight” look like with Moon Knight, Blade and others


Since Moon Knight has officially become part of the MCU, a fan-created concept poster combines several other existing Marvel heroes into “Sons of Midnight.”

Thanks to a new concept poster, “Sons of Midnight” fans are one step closer to understanding how the team might look in the Marvel cinematic universe. Marvel’s fourth phase has taken a leap forward by introducing some of the brand’s more niche characters and ideas, including heroes with supernatural connections such as Moon Knight, and exploring creative formats in WandaVision and the upcoming Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. Some of these characters usually operate in the shadows, but sometimes join the Avengers and find themselves involved in key plot events, which makes their existence in the MCU necessary.

As the Multiverse gains momentum, magic and the weirder elements of Marvel comic material get a chance to prove themselves. Even if characters like Blade and Morbius do not get attention in the main Avengers films, the expansion of the Marvel universe and the powerful appearance of supernatural beings allow these characters to save the day when Captain America and company are not around. . In the comics, Doctor Strange forms the Sons of Midnight, combining several Marvel characters associated with the occult to defeat Lilith, and heroes such as Moon Knight, Iron Fist and Night Werewolf join the team later.

Now that several of the most famous members of the Sons of Midnight have officially become part of the MCU, there are rumors of a potential on-screen team alliance. Digital artist agtdesign embodies this desire in an exciting fan poster, showcasing some of the outstanding band members in the form of their colleagues from live performances. The poster depicts Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Blade, Ghost Rider, Morbius, Punisher and Scarlet Witch. Take a look at the art below:


Despite the fact that this is a cool poster, the artist takes some liberties with the composition of the team compared to membership in historical comics. Like the Midnight Suns game from developer Firaxis Games, in which Wolverine, Iron Man and other characters are the honorary sons of Midnight helping the main group, agtdesign makes the Scarlet Witch and the Punisher obvious members of the team, despite the fact that they never joined it. In the unreleased limited series “Sons of Midnight” by Greg Smallwood, Frank Castle’s Punisher was depicted on the cover as part of the group, but the Scarlet Witch could be here simply because of her magical abilities and connections with Strange.

Whether the Sons of Midnight movie or TV series will ever be made depends solely on Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, but this fan poster is a good sign that people are at least interested in ownership. And while the collapse of DC’s “Dark Justice League” may have been a blow to fans of sharper superhero content, Marvel seems to want to invest in those elements, putting its weight behind titles like “Moon Knight.” Even the star of the Disney show+ Oscar Isaac once became interested in the Midnight Sons team. Despite the fact that there are many characters to choose from — and they are still represented in the Marvel cinematic universe — “Sons of Midnight” may appear sooner rather than later, if the seven cool heroes on this concept poster have something to do with this issue.