What Michael Jackson posted from the 90-day Groom after Juliana’s pregnancy


Some recent Instagram photos show Juliana Custodio, a 90-day-old groom graduate, beaming while cradling her newborn son, and fans are wondering how her ex-fiance Michael Jessen behaved during his ex-wife’s emotionally charged pregnancy. While Michael has endured his share of strife, controversy and turmoil during his time with Brazilian-born Juliana, who was his second fiancee, he seems to have found respite by focusing on music, his passion for wine and family.

Everything seemed perfect when Michael introduced Juliana to ex-wife Sarah Nasa and their two children, Max and Cece. The children, some of the most beloved descendants of the 90 Day franchise, defied stereotypes by welcoming their new stepmother with open arms. From expressing sincere excitement on behalf of their father to preparing breakfast for Juliana, the children set a great example by showing such consent. However, tensions arose as Michael’s financial situation became increasingly unstable, which made Juliana feel the burden of the family’s sole financial provider. While the family dynamic was cordial at first, Juliana admitted after leaving Michael that she ended up feeling more like a maid than a family member. Further drama ensued when Michael suspected Juliana of kissing his ex-wife’s husband, Sean Naso. Soon after, Juliana announced her pregnancy, and the accusations raised questions about the paternity of her then unborn child.

Whatever confusion once existed between the former couple, now the water seems calmer, and Michael is focused on his music career and children, as well as his fur children. Interested in sharing his creative aspirations, Michael creates content on Instagram that proves he is ready to move on. Mentions of Julian have long been erased from Michael’s social media accounts, and Juliana has also deleted posts with links to her ex.

Michael Jessen admires his pet

Reality TV graduate Michael can be seen posting pictures of family members, and his latest post details the different views of Frank the puppy. “Frank is the mood,” they told me… I can’t argue with that,” he jokingly wrote next to the photos of the puppy. Other IG content from Michael includes anniversary photos of family and friends, such as posts dedicated to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. He also makes sure to shout out to Max and Cece, giving them credit for pushing him to become the best version of himself.

Michael shows off a new haircut (and positive energy)

Traces of Michael the groom’s former 90-day life persist in his online presence. While his Twitter profile mostly consists of links to his Instagram photos, his biography raises mysterious questions about his relationship status. It reads: “Winemaker, musician, father, friend, husband (me), brother, Buddhist “Every kindness matters” — Armand DiMele”with a thoughtful smiley face after “(me)”. It’s possible that Michael just forgot to update his description, perhaps because he has only 345 Twitter followers compared to his 136,000 Instagram fans. It seems obvious that for him Twitter is just an auxiliary social network. At the same time, Instagram may become the next platform for Michael, who previously despised TLC, because he leads a more introspective lifestyle away from the public sphere.

Michael Jessen is working on his music

On June 24, Michael uploaded a guitar track accompanied by a post: “I’m kind of done with IG… just kindness and love.” This is understandable given the fact that even the most well-meaning fans seem determined to unearth his 90-day past. In a recently added post with an image of his puppy Howard, Michael vaguely said that life is gradually improving thanks to the support of his family. Fans greeted this post with a flood of compassion and support, although many of them were quick to express hope that Michael would appear in the next season of the 90-day Groom franchise. Juliana’s newborn was also mentioned, and one subscriber compared Juliana and Michael, noting that they both have children now.

Icon of the 90-day groom Michael has demonstrated remarkable personal growth since his participation in the popular reality show. Not only are there no more remnants of his ex-wife Juliana (who also left) on social media, but his content demonstrates a desire for self-improvement, focusing on family and creativity.


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