What Makes Esha Scott from Under Deck Down Under a Great Chef


Fans of Under Deck Down Under really enjoyed watching Aisha Scott thrive as the main stew, and many believe that she is the greatest in the entire franchise Below Deck . Kiwi’s lively nature and his ability to get along with almost everyone made Ayesha the head chef with the best abilities to manage a yacht. Since the first season is almost over, there is no doubt that Aisha will return for the second season as the main stew.

In February 2022, Aisha confirmed that she would take on the role of head chef in the first season of “Under the Deck”. As fans of “Below Deck” remember, Aisha hails from New Zealand and captivated the audience with her confident personality. Aisha has always been drawn to adventure, and she has never retreated before difficulties. The audience was completely confident in Aisha’s abilities and loved watching her move from the third stew to the main stew.

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Despite the fact that Ayesha likes to play the modesty card, it’s hard to deny that the star of “Below Deck, Below, Underground” makes a pretty cool stew. While the live reality TV star may try to downplay her achievements, fans agree that she is an excellent chef. It seems that her hardworking mentality has really manifested itself, as Aisha can have fun, but also knows when she should set the law. Fans watched earlier this season how she was deeply upset with chef Ryan McCown, who had been trying to undermine her work ethic all season. As the audience found out, Ayesha is proud of her work ethic and is dissatisfied with his supervision.

Fans of “Below Deck Down Under” also like to watch Ayesha behave like any other normal person. Funny girl often openly talks about her feelings, including her difficulties on the yacht. Viewers loved seeing Aisha treat her stews like a friend, as she hoped to develop a real friendship. While the practice may not have worked with her third stew, Magda Ziomek, who was always on her phone, Aisha seems to have gotten very close with Tumi Mhlongo’s second stew. In general, Ayesha showed that a chef can both demand and respect.

As the “Below Deck Below” show comes to an end, viewers naturally want to see more of the Great Barrier Reef and Ayesha. Although season 2 has not been announced yet, it would be logical if the spin-off got another season, since it has proven itself so well. Many of the positive messages were about Ayesha, so fingers crossed that this main stew was welcomed with open arms.