What makes Chrishell Stause a true style icon in Sunset sales


Over the five seasons of Netflix’s “Sunset Sale,” there have been several notable “glowing” mods, and the largest of them is from Krischel Stous. In addition to the ever-changing fashion, the reality series about real estate pleased viewers with escapism in the form of luxurious mansions in Los Angeles and very successful mediation of influential women. The show has undergone many changes since its premiere in 2019, including the addition of actors, changing dynamics and, of course, fashion.

Each of the Selling Sunset girls brings her own style to the show through fashion. In the first season, the appearance was more restrained, as the focus of this season was on the aspect of real estate. During the reunion of the fifth season of ” Selling Sunset”, host Tan France noted: “When we see the first season, it gets a lot more muted, and now it’s extremely extravagant.” The Sunset sale has gained such a reputation for its style among women that when newcomer Chelsea Lazcani was selected for the show, she told the producers, “My wardrobe has been waiting for this all my life.”

Many viewers believe that Christine Quinn’s fashion was the most impressive in the “Sunset Sale”. Kristin often uses bold colors, high heels and wild hairstyles, and her appearance attracts attention. Her style has perhaps undergone the most noticeable changes in many ways; however, other fans believe that Crisshell stands out for her style. Reddit user juliejolie88 called Krischel the “fashion queen” of the show. Another Reddit user, Appletome, agrees, adding: “Not only is she a style icon, but she’s really so sweet and caring about other people. I would sell my soul to shop in her closet.”

Crishell prefers more subdued high-fashion looks, and over time they have improved markedly in Selling Sunset. She has a non-standard look, and part of Kryshell’s talent in the field of fashion is that she can make a lot of different silhouettes work. Krischel wears clothes, not clothes she wears. Her style is simple but effective. “I still think it’s cool to have an expensive designer top, but you pair it with an H&M skirt,” Krischel said at the fifth season reunion of Selling Sunset. She also admitted that she underwent a transformation in fashion after the first season of “Sunset Sale”. When Tan asked the group to choose an image of one of their colleagues on the set, which did not look very good on the screen, Krischel said: “You can choose anything from mine from the first season, I wouldn’t be offended.” Krischel knows she wasn’t the most fashionable during the first season of “Sunset Sale,” but she’s clearly been working hard on a complete fashion transformation.

While Chrischel’s radiance wasn’t necessarily one of epic and bold proportions, it demonstrated a subtle yet appealing evolution of style. Fans of Selling Sunset agree that everything from her hair to her outfits has improved significantly in many ways. Krischell’s appearance is always quite restrained, but she can still attract attention, always managing to dress in accordance with any event or Krischell’s list of visits.