What Makes A Notebook Really Secure?


Notebook: In the corporate environment, one of the most discussed issues recently is the possibility of working from anywhere. And we are not necessarily talking about the home office, but about the tendency of the employee to no longer have a “fixed desk” and to be able to choose where they prefer to carry out their activities in the work environment.

Having a good notebook is what makes this dynamic possible. But what makes a laptop computer “good”? For specific professions, a large screen is important, while for others performance is essential. But beyond these technical aspects, what is indispensable for everyone, regardless of the activity?

Dell Technologies believes that the common need among all professions is security. Having a secure machine to exchange messages, access your accounts and do the proposed work is essential for any activity. And that’s exactly the goal of the Latitude 5000 series, which provides the ultimate in security for users.


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