What made Annalize heartbreak for Jamie Fraser

Some Outlander fans have revisited season two and have been surprised to learn that Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) was passionate about one particular lady before meeting his wife and true love Claire (Caitriona Balfe).

Jamie may leave Outlander fans and characters swooning over this rugged appearance and honorable manner, but there was a time when he fell into unrequited love with someone else.

Long before meeting Claire in Outlander, Jamie was an impressionable young man studying at a university in France. During his time, he met the noble Annalize and quickly fell in love with her and was determined to be with her.

Outlander’s Jamie’s temper flared after he caught rival Charles Gauloise kissing Annalize, prompting the Scotsman to duel the other man.

The two dueled with Jamie from Outlander winning and drawing blood for the first time, but it appears that Annalize had a crush on Charles and quickly ran to her side after the fight.

Just a month later, Annalize married Charles and Jamie was essentially left alone because of his crush on her. Fortunately, this moment meant that Jamie would eventually find his way to Claire in Outlander.

Your partner for an epic romance forever in Outlander. Outlander season two saw Claire meeting Annalize and being shocked after hearing Jamie’s story about her husband’s youthful insanity.

In Outlander, Claire arched an eyebrow at Jamie after noticing Annalize’s over-familiarity with her husband when they appeared in France to try and change history.

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