What kind of girlfriend would you be for RM?


If you were the girlfriend of BTS’s RM, what would you be like according to your zodiac sign? Here we tell you.

Namjoon was born on September 12, 1994, so the interpreter of ‘Dynamite’ is of the zodiac sign Virgo, a symbol that is governed by the earth and some characteristics of these people are that they are analytical, intelligent, they are perfectionists, they are very critical of their environment, they are dreamy and devoted.

BTS’s RM is a very smart boy

RM has incredible intelligence, the Bangtan Boys rapper’s IQ is 148 points, allowing him to see different areas of life from a different perspective. What would the BTS member be like in a love relationship?

It is said that your destiny is written in the stars and the signs of the zodiac have characteristics that define them as unique, there are even experts who analyze the compatibility between the 12 signs of the zodiac.

How would you be if you were the girlfriend of RM from BTS? Well, this time you will discover your behavior in love according to your zodiac sign, will you be an understandable, devoted, jealous girlfriend?



People who are Aries tend to want control of things, so maybe you would have friction with RM from BTS because of your personality, but if they know how to maintain balance they could consolidate a unique and very strong love.


You and RM are compatible in many ways, you both have similar tastes, are smart, perfectionists, and like to be active. You and Namjoon would come up with new ways to spend your time and learn from each other.


You like to live different changes and you adapt easily to them, your love relationship with Namjoon of the Bangtan Boys would be a story with ups and downs, but they would work on showing their best face to love each other.


You are a very tender, sensitive person with great qualities, RM would see all of that and he would take into account that your character would do him good to take a break from his busy life. Namjoon and you would experience a sweet and real love.

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People who are under the sign of the zodiac Leo usually have a very strong personality, they attract the attention of those around them because they radiate a special brightness. Your love affair with BTS’s RM would be interesting and full of good vibes.


RM and you share a zodiac sign, maybe you would think that there is not much compatibility between you, but the truth is that you would connect very well and in a love relationship both would understand each other wonderfully.


People who are of the Libra zodiac sign are usually sensitive and know how to recognize their feelings, they are not afraid to identify their emotions, perhaps that is why your relationship with RM would be like a beautiful fairy tale.


An aura of mystery surrounds you, it is as if people cannot read you, you keep your feelings so as not to be hurt. If RM would be interested in you, he would fight for your attention and not miss the opportunity to meet you.


You are someone very adventurous, with a huge heart that seeks to convey affection to those around you, you and RM from BTS would form a beautiful couple, trust each other and advise each other on life.


Namjoon would fall in love with you for the way you express yourself and treat others, before giving yourself completely you analyze people and your environment, if you feel comfortable, you show it and you do not like to lie.


You are someone very attractive to others, Kim Namjoon from Beyond The Scene would notice that first and their courtship would be full of displays of affection because they are both very loving and sensitive people.


Pisces have a very well established concept of love, so they are very idealistic and like to give their heart to the fullest. RM and you would establish a cordial and very empathetic love relationship, both are people with fixed goals and they would help each other get what they want.


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