What kind of girlfriend would V be by your horoscope?


Your zodiac sign reveals a lot about your personality, which is why it can help you figure out what kind of girlfriend you would be to BTS’s V.

BTS fans have been captivated by the qualities of each of the members, but V has a great knack for conquering new followers due to his charisma, talent, and attractive image. Have you ever wondered if you would be compatible with this idol? Your zodiac sign could give you the answer.

Each person has unique traits that create an identity and a way of being that identifies them. Some of these qualities are reflected in the zodiac sign that corresponds to each one.

This can give signals about your way of being, but it also allows you to know some of the characteristics that define you when it comes to relating to other people, whether in a friendly or romantic setting.

Find out what kind of girlfriend you would be for V according to the qualities that correspond to your zodiac sign. So you can get an idea of ​​how compatible you would be with this BTS member.



You are a happy person, with initiative and a lot of energy, that is why you would be the first to propose plans so that you and V have incredible experiences. You are independent, so you could give the idol her space to fulfill her entire schedule and their relationship continues in a great state. However, you are very direct and often misunderstand, which could be a problem for you.


You are a patient, loving and thoughtful person, that would make your relationship with V full of sweet moments. You feel so much happier when you are in love and you would pass this energy on to the BTS vocalist. Under certain circumstances, you are also a bit possessive and have a strong character, which could take your partner by surprise.


You are imaginative, creative and you like to have fun, when it comes to love you easily fall in love and give everything to yourself, so you really enjoy a relationship, but you also tend to fall into confusion about the decisions your partner makes, that’s why V and you would have to maintain very good communication if they want to avoid conflict.


You are a very nice person who would definitely captivate Taehyung. Although you have a reflective side, many times you get carried away by your intuition. You would be an extremely loving girlfriend, but also a bit suspicious, which could lead to fights.


Your strengths are the understanding and love you give. You have an outgoing character that would take you on great adventures with Taehyung. You would be able to avoid many conflicts because you prefer to solve any scenario before it becomes chaotic, however, when something makes you lose your patience you can explode and hurt the people around you, so you would surely prefer not to reach that dot next to V.


You are very analytical and sometimes a little shy to express the way you feel. It would be a challenge for Taehyung to decipher your thoughts, but she would enjoy getting to know more about you little by little. You would be very careful with your feelings with this idol and he might mistake it for indifference, but it would be nothing more than the fear of getting hurt.


You are quite a romantic, although many are used to seeing you as someone independent and sometimes lonely, all that changes when you fall in love. You are very perceptive and you would understand V very well, so this idol would not want to leave your side. However, you are a bit insecure, but as long as that quality does not gain strength, your relationship with Taehyung would be a success.


You have a positive energy that infects everyone around you, that’s why V would enjoy being by your side, since everything would seem better by your side. The downside is that you can become very sensitive and misinterpret the actions and words of others, so you could cause fights for no apparent reason.


You are an optimistic person and a lover of adventure, you would always have great ideas to have fun with V. However, your ideas can make you a bit reckless because for you the most important thing is to enjoy the moment. Taehyung would have a hard time fully adapting to your style, so you would also have to do your part to balance the situation.


You are a practical and very intelligent person, you are able to keep calm while being responsible, but you are also somewhat reserved. It’s not easy for you to let yourself be carried away by your emotions, so trusting in V and giving your heart could take some time, both of you will need to discover your connection in order to have a relationship.


You are loyal and you have your own brilliance, V would be very happy to see you express your points of view, since you show your solidarity and understanding in every situation. You don’t like conflict in relationships

personal, so many times you prefer to run away than hurt someone or get hurt, so it would be very important for you and Taehyung to work on the trust that you have as a couple.


You are a person who is guided by your heart, so many times you give everything of yourself because you do not expect to receive anything in return. You like to create affective bonds where all the parties feel comfortable, so you could have a very good relationship with V because you are understanding and not selfish.

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