What kind of DC comics supervillain would you be based on your zodiac sign?


As the summer days draw to a close, the next few months are becoming an integral part of the DC brand’s immediate future. With many anticipated projects on the horizon, such as DC’s Super Pet League, The Sandman series and Black Adam, DC hopes to build on the momentum of recent successes such as Batman and Peacemaker.

Over its nearly 90-year history, DC Comics has created a rich bench of supervillains that boasts some of the most brilliant and experienced supervillains in criminal terms, with characteristics and personalities as different as zodiac signs in astrology. In addition, some supervillains effortlessly connect with their star buddies, drawing clear parallels with astute comic book readers.

Aries – Atrocitus

Filled with zodiac ambitions and the courage of a ram, Atros will survive the “Massacre in Sector 666” and resolutely begin his campaign of retribution as the first Red Lantern, Atrocitus. Aries often attaches importance to self-knowledge, which leads to great opportunities that the Atrocitus, combined with its rage, becomes a force in the universe.

Unlike his famous super-pet, Atrocitus’ stubborn inability to take orders from others means he doesn’t often work well in groups. Unfortunately, the strong ambitions and dedication of Aries are deformed in the desire of the Atrocitus to take revenge on the Guardians, distorting and spewing out impatience and excessive aggression, negatives that every Snow Horn faces face to face.

Taurus – Darkside

Every cosmic bull knows that nothing worthwhile comes easy, so the New God-Ruler of Apokolips never shies away from hooking horns in pursuit of the highest prize. Endowed with an unwavering will and devotion, Darkseid rushes to his true goal, control over all life in the entire Multiverse with the help of the Anti-Life Equation.

Feeding the energy of Taurus leaves Darkseid undaunted in his quest for Anti-Life, which over the years leads him to various conflicts with DC superheroes. Brahman and practical, Darkseid delegates many things to his subordinates, such as DeSaad, Granny Kindness and Steppenwolf, while he pursues the destruction of free will in the Multiverse.

Gemini is a Fatal Blow

A career military tactician and swordsman of the highest level, Slade Wilson took advantage of the ingenuity and motivation of Castor and Pollux Troy, surviving government experiments to reforge himself into the deadliest killer in the world, Detstroke.

Many astute fans will recognize the unpredictable position of Defstroke, whether it is his moral compass, constantly fluctuating between his villainous and anti-heroic ways, or his attempt to combine the life of a mercenary with the life of a husband and father. Despite the fact that it is unknown, in combination with its other features, Defstroke is the embodiment of Gemini.

Cancer – Black Adam

Being the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer gives those born under it a natural intuition, further enhanced by the accompanying resilience that radiates inside them. Having shown these traits, Tet-Adam will receive powers from the wizard Shazam and become Black Adam. In addition, “Home is equal to the heart” Cancer values strong family ties, which Adam certainly appreciates.

Conversely, Adam’s strong emotional attachment to his homeland Kandak and his desire to protect his family become destructive, which leads to their death. Heartbroken, Adam becomes despotic as his internalization, reinforced by crustaceans, rejects him in chaos. Ultimately, Adam came full circle, finding redemption in the family dynamics underlying Cancer.

Leo – Sinestro

Demonstrating the activity, pride and self-confidence of a Panther, Taal Sinestro will lead the Green Lantern Corps before his pride leads him to the Yellow Battery of Fear on Quard. Leading with tactical acumen on the front line at the foundation of the Sinestro Corps, Sinestro will influence many Lanterns, exuding Leo’s leadership.

Unfortunately, Sinestro turned out to be susceptible to his megalomania after falling under the influence of Parallax, igniting the Sinestro Corps War. In addition, Sinestro also shows a stubborn unwillingness to listen to the wisdom of others, such as his friend Hal Jordan, unable to hear the whispers of his impending defeat due to the sound of his mighty roar.

Virgo – Brainiac

Practical and learned, the great Koluan scientist Vril Dox will create an advanced AI, a COMPUTER. Then, using it and the highly analytical cosmic energies of Virgo, Dox will look into the fifth dimension, seeing only death and despair. Finally, seeing no other way out, Dox merges with the COMPUTER and becomes Brainiac.

In the end, Brainiac’s critical analysis of the “Multitude” and its mysteries proved the principle of its dark evolution.


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