What kind of creature is each owner of the Platoon 3 store


Splatoon is a series known for its aquatic anthropomorphic characters. From octopuses to baby squid and salmon, lobbies and cities are filled with fish-adjacent friends, as well as a couple of mammals here and there. Splatoon 3 is no different, bringing back familiar and new faces.

Some of Splatoon 3’s most creative designs go to Splattsville store owners. Unlike superstars like Deep Cut, who fall under the category of octopuses and squidlings, shopkeepers tend to be more unique. They are based on real sea creatures, although their anthropomorphic design may make some fans not admit it.

Harmony and Mr. Coco

Harmony is the owner of the Hotlantis store, where players can buy items to decorate their lockers in Splatoon 3. Among the store owners, she is the most difficult to determine what kind of sea creature she should be. However, it has been confirmed that Harmony is a sea anemone, as her pink hair mimics the appearance of these creatures. Her companion is a clown fish, a fish that usually makes sea anemones its home. According to HaikaraWalker, a Japanese fiction book about Splatoon, the clown fish has turned gray and is dying of neglect.

Mr. Coco is the owner of a shoe store, and he is much easier to find among the sea creatures. It is based on coconut crab. Like its in-game design, coconut crabs are huge. In real life, they can be a variety of colors. Because of their size, their only natural predators are humans and other coconut crabs. Unfortunately, their species is considered vulnerable due to over-hunting and habitat loss.

Sheldon and Jel La Fleur

Sheldon has been the owner of a gun shop since the original Splatoon. It can be quite difficult to identify him, but his crown shows that he is a horseshoe crab. While the “shell” aspect may be a play on words to refer to ammunition, it may also be a play on horseshoe crab shells. Unlike horseshoe crab, Sheldon does not have the 10 eyes that his real counterparts have. Perhaps he hides the other eight under his clothes.

Jel La Fleur, who oversees the clothing store, is similar to many jellyfish people that can be found in the Splatoon series. They walk around the main squares and can be seen in the background of various scenes. Most of them can’t speak by hints, but Jel La Fleur is one of the exceptions. As for which particular jellyfish they may be based on, it is unknown.

Gnarly Eddie and March

Gnarly Eddie runs a hat shop, and he’s a nautilus. Unlike some other shopkeepers, this makes Gnarled Eddie more closely associated with the suspecting races, as he is one of the species of mollusks. Nautils are best known for their spiral-shaped shells. Interestingly, they have much more tentacles than squid or octopus, only about 90 thin.

March is a striped sea urchin. His hair mimics the black spikes of sea urchins, even adding the iconic stripes they have. Striped sea urchins are usually a mixture of yellow and black colors, so the orange color of March’s skin may be a reflection of this yellowness. His species is also known to have unpleasant venomous bites.

Other Splattsville Creatures

Besides the shopkeepers, there are other interesting faces in Splattsville. Personal characters like Marigold are goldfish. Their upper part of the head and color scheme are particularly reminiscent of rancha goldfish, which are sometimes kept as pets in aquariums.

Captain Cuttlefish, leaning out in Splattsville at the beginning of the story mode, is based on a real cuttlefish. His beard should resemble the tentacles of a clam. He is the grandfather of Callie and Marie, squids, which means that either families in Splatoon can compromise on more than one type of sea creatures, or Callie and Marie were adopted.

Splatoon 3 is already available on the Nintendo Switch.


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