What Kim Kardashian allegedly thinks about a new relationship after breaking up with Pete Davidson


There has been a lot of controversy in Kim Kardashian’s romantic life over the past few years, but it is likely that she would say that she definitely had some good times. Almost a year ago, during a difficult divorce with Kanye West, Kardashian hosted the show “Saturday Night Live” and got along with Pete Davidson. They then dated quite publicly for nine months before Kardashian and Davidson decided to break up earlier this month. Now we’ve heard how Kardashian supposedly feels about a new relationship after her big breakup with Davidson.

How does Kim Kardashian feel about a new relationship after Pete Davidson?

While Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s breakup seems to have been peaceful and mostly due to their very busy schedules, it wouldn’t be surprising if she was a little shy about dating after her experience with the now former SNL star. Even for the famous romance, their courtship was filled with negativity that most would not have expected, as Kanye West attacked both Kardashian and Davidson (especially) through several outlets throughout most of their relationship, to the point that Davidson reportedly had to seek trauma surgery. But, according to E! sources News, Kardashian is not only ready to return to the dating pool, but also “asks who she should date next.”

Well, this may come as a shock to some Kardashian fans, although there have already been rumors that Davidson may be dating Martha Stewart after the breakup, while the SKIMS founder allegedly went on a family vacation to Idaho to help her recover. Part of Kardashian’s willingness may have been due to how easy she always spent time with Davidson. Sure, the trainee lawyer and the Bodies Bodies star did typical things like luxury beach vacations together, but in just a few months they also got to a place where Kardashian was comfortable letting Davidson hang out with her 6-year-old son, Saint, without herself or anyone else to look after behind her.

Recently, Davidson even talked about working on getting better so that one day he could be a good father, but now it seems incredibly unlikely that he will ever raise children with the Kardashians. Now that the mother of four is apparently keen to get away from the good times she had with Davidson to try to find someone new, another source revealed that Kardashian does have a type for the next guy she’d like to have. in her life:

Kim stated that she is ready to date someone older, but it must be the right person who understands her life. She won’t give up her freedom right now. She likes to go on dates, and she’s definitely ready to prove herself again.

I can’t say if this means that Kim Kardashian supposedly wants to date someone older than Pete Davidson or someone older than her, but it seems that the most important thing for her will be to find someone who will allow her to be who she is. there is and gets everything related to a romantic relationship with her. According to reports, Kardashian’s friends are “constantly trying to frame her,” and soon she will find what she is looking for.


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