What Jungkook reveals about their selves and personality


BTS’s Jungkook has many moles adorning his body, these marks of the idol from Big Hit Entertainment could reveal various aspects of his personality.

The Golden Maknae is an idol who has won the hearts of his fans with his sweet performances and energetic choreography, Jungkook has managed to position himself as one of the most important Korean pop singers in the world and at his young age he has received recognition from greats figures of music.

The personality of the ‘Boy With Luv’ interpreter is very cheerful, whenever he interacts with his fellow BTS members or with ARMY, he shows his more relaxed side where he can be a fun and authentic boy.

Jungkook’s anatomy is in shape thanks to the hours of training with his colleagues, this has helped him strengthen his body, another of the characteristics that fans of the idol from the city of Busan fall in love with are his moles that make him fall in love. special.

Many cultures attributed special meanings to moles depending on their location on the body, it is a practice which is called Melanomancy. Do you know what Jungkook’s moles mean? Well, this time we will tell you what marks adorn the body of the youngest member of the Bangtan Boys. What is your favorite Jungkook mole?

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Under the lip

Jungkook has a very visible mole under his lip, which speaks of a person who is very sensitive, understanding, they really like to learn from others and live experiences that fill them with joy, although they are also very strong in character.

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Mole on the neck

Jeon Jungkook has a very marked mole on his neck, which means that he is a very focused person, who knows what he wants, loves his job, is recognized in what he does and receives a lot of love from the people around him.

Moles on the cheek

BTS’s Jungkook has two moles on his cheek, one is higher than the other and they are very visible, although sometimes the makeup used by the idol covers them, but according to melanomancy, people with moles on their cheek are usually very friendly, open to meet people and are supportive. They are characterized by their big hearts.


Polka dots above the knee

Jungkook has two twin moles on his knee, that is, they are found in a row, side by side. People with these types of marks in that area of ​​the body tend to be very dreamy, they let themselves be guided more by their sixth sense, they make decisions with their heart and do not stop to analyze their consequences.

Moles on the arm

The Golden Maknae has two moles on the arm. People with moles on their arms tend to be very intense in every aspect of their life, such as work, love and friendships.

Mole on the nose

Jeon Jungkook has a mole on his nose, people who have these marks on that part of their anatomy are usually quite friendly, criticize each other a lot, often feel jealous and connect with others easily.


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