What it is and how the Apache Server works


The servers are the machines responsible for providing the information on the websites and services that we access over the internet, so that, they are the computers and systems that store the information that is accessed whenever the user makes a request through browsers and online services.

What is Apache Server?

In addition to dedicated operating systems, the servers use software that interfaces between the server and the user, and it is exactly for this purpose that the Apache software was developed.

The software is extremely popular with web developers, making it one of the most used worldwide. Apache is an extremely competent and versatile software, and even being used even by the corporate environment, it has open source and free distribution (open-source).

Main features

Apache software is known to be a powerful and constantly evolving tool, since, as it is an open source system, it makes it receive a large number of updates and is less vulnerable. The patches that update the code are constant, which keeps Apache always stable and able to handle a greater number of requests.

Another feature that appeals to Apache developers is its modularity, which allows developers to apply specific features according to their demand, as well as the features that can be improved according to each project.


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