What is Voyager Token (VGX) Valued 10X in 1 Month?


Voyager Token (VGX), which gained a place among the 100 most valuable cryptocurrencies with its rising percentage in 30 days, climbed the steps rapidly and increased its price to over $ 3 during this time. What are Voyager and VGX coins?

The Voyager Token (VGX) has increased its price by 1400% in 30 days with its rise. Since the beginning of the year, Altcoin has managed to make it to the Koin Newsletter’s top earning list of the week several times. The VGX price has increased close to 9000% over a 1-year period. While Voyager Token gained attention with a rise of 150% in 1 week, it maintained its momentum in 24 hours and valued by 5%.

With this momentum, Voyager managed to become one of the 100 most valuable cryptocurrencies by increasing its market value to over $ 570 million. The total volume of trading transactions for Altcoin in 1 day exceeded $ 12.6 million. The all-time high for the VGX price is located at $ 12.47, which it recorded in 2018.

What are Voyager and VGX coins?

Founded by Crypto Trading Technologies in 2018, Voyager provides brokerage services for retail and institutional investors in the cryptocurrency field. With its brokerage service, Voyager acts as an intermediary between its users and many cryptocurrency exchanges with smart routing technology.

Voyager uses an algorithm that takes advantage of the price differences of coins listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Launched in 2019, the Voyager mobile application has become a more preferred service for users with a user-friendly design. Voyager supports more than 50 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Voyager Token (VGX), Voyager’s native crypto currency, provides users with some benefits. By using VGX in the Voyager application, users can win various awards or benefit from special services. The circulating supply for VGX is 222 million 295 thousand 208 as of February 5, 2021. Exchanges Bitexen, Binance, Uniswap, ATOMARS, and HitBTC list the Voyager Token.


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