What is UTU Trust and UTU Coin, How to Buy?


What is UTU Trust that promises to provide an innovative and trust-oriented infrastructure and in which areas can it be used? UTU Trust announced in its whitepaper that it will reward its users with UTU coin to encourage them; How to earn UTU Coin, when will it be listed?

UTU Trust; By offering a trust infrastructure with mechanism information, social graphics and oracle models, it plans to be a breath of fresh air to the problems of over-collateralization and insecurity exposed to the DeFi field. The head of the Nairobi-based UTU Turst project is Jason Eisen, who founded Africa’s first taxi application in 2017.

UTU Trust also promises to offer an innovative and trust-focused decentralized network. Although UTU determines its main purpose “security for the entire internet infrastructure”, it also plans to offer many advantages. The artificial intelligence (AI) based UTU Trust network started its industry life as an infrastructure provider focused on the African market.

UTU Trust Will Build A Bridge of Trust

UTU Trust aims to be a trust bridge in internet-based services for many professional and start-up organizations, regardless of their field. By collaborating with UTU Trust, the platforms will be able to join the blockchain-based network and support the security of their services and projects.

This highly secure infrastructure seeks to offer a plus for digital businesses, to attract more customers and satisfy existing customers at the highest level. As the UTU Trust explains on its official website, these digital businesses; can perform finance, family, coding or creative digital content / advertising services on the UTU Trust network with peace of mind while protecting both their reputation and customers.


Key Advantages of the UTU Trust Network

  • Personalization: UTU Trust network promises a personal and trust model-oriented service for each user.
  • Customer satisfaction: UTU team offers platforms opportunities to increase customer satisfaction, arguing that digital platform customers will be much more satisfied within the framework of trust.
  • Convenience: UTU Trust, a simple and fast accessible application programming for users
    offers interface (API).
  • Need-Oriented Price: UPI Turst does not dictate a single price to its users; offers a package tailored to business needs.

Where will UTU Coin be listed, how to buy it?

UTU coin is the project’s own cryptocurrency that will be accepted as a form of payment in the UTU Trust ecosystem. The UTU Trust team plans to reward the active participation of its users with UTU tokens. The UTI token, which will be the own token of the blockchain-based UTU Protocol designed by the UTU Trust team, can be earned in 2 ways:

  • Providing data to the UTU ecosystem
  • Approving the statutory services

ICO sales of UTU coin, an Ethereum-based decentralized finance token, sold out within hours. After this intense interest, UTU Trust founder Eisen expressed his excitement in his statement on his Twitter account and gave the message “Now is the time to go further”. The UTU coin will be listed on Uniswap’s DEX platform on October 16th.


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