What is UniLend to List by Binance?


Binance lists the UniLend token on February 23. The UFT price increased to $ 4.41, making ATH. So what are UniLend and UFT tokens?

UniLend (UFT) saw an increase of 200% on a weekly basis and 961% on the monthly chart. The UFT, which rose 111% in the 24-hour period, reached its all-time high of $ 4.41.

With a market value of $ 95 million, the daily transaction volume of UFT is around $ 35 million.

What are UniLend and UFT tokens?

UniLend is a DeFi protocol that combines spot transactions with marketplaces using smart contracts. Decentralized, UniLend aims to prevent liquidity problems and increase the adoption of the DeFi sector by enabling DeFi and trading transactions to be carried out in the same environment.

Users can trade with any ERC-20 tokens in the UniLend network. The network providing this flexibility enables users to access and transact all digital assets on the platform. Any user with an Ethereum wallet can start trading on the UniLend network. UniLend’s management mechanism is community-based. Most of the protocol changes, such as updates, are made by the votes of the community.

The UFT token is used for transactions on the UniLend network. Users can vote with UFT tokens and simplify the management of the protocol. In addition, those providing liquidity and promoting the UniLend ecosystem are rewarded with UFT tokens. UFT has a supply of 100 million and the circulating supply is 25 million. Stock exchanges with UFT tokens; Binance, UniSwap, SushiSwap, Balancer, MXC, Bilaxy, ProBit, Bithumb Global.