What is Twitter Spaces? Here Are Details


Spaces is a new Twitter feature that allows its users to create live audio chat rooms, so that conversations can be opened for everyone in the room to speak or controlled according to the room moderator’s desire.

In 2020, Twitter conducted some tests of voice tweets, which seems to have been the first step towards what is today Twitter Spaces, which, in turn, arrives at a very opportune moment, with the popularization of apps like Clubhouse , which presents a similar proposal, but so far is only available for iOS devices.

However, unlike the Clubhouse that currently uses invitations for the entry of new users, Twiiter Spaces, which is in an experimental stage, should be available soon for all users of the social network, appearing as another alternative of interaction in the network app Social.

According to Twitter, even if at the moment a Twitter user on iOS does not yet have access to the resource, if invited by another user, access to Spaces is automatically released so that it is possible to interact in the indicated room. The company did not say when the feature should be available to users of the Android system.

Who controls conversations on Spaces?

In Twitter Spaces, the room owner can invite other users who also have Twitter accounts to chat, but do not necessarily need to be his followers, so the room invitation can be sent via a direct message, via the room link or even by a tweet from the moderator. A proposal similar to what is found in Discord for example, which is another communication platform, widely used by streamers and online players.

The moderator by the sign has several tools to control who has the right to speak in the rooms, as well as mechanisms to block or exclude users from a conversation. In terms of security, Twitter Spaces should offer tools for reporting and blocking users who do not behave properly, which is a security measure that aims to inhibit toxic behavior on the platform.

In addition to voice, emojis

Conversations on Twitter Spaces will also feature some emoji options according to a tweet from the resource’s profile. But at least initially, the options for emojis are very limited, with a total of six interactions. Another important detail is that, the messages can only be observed while the room is open, because, once the moderator closes the room, all the posted content will be unavailable.

Twitter has not yet announced a date for the feature to be made available to all users of the social network, but communicated that at least initially, the feature is only available to a small group of users on iOS, thus allowing the social network to obtain a feedback for implementing the feature for other users.


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