What is TikTok’s viral emoji challenge “butter, fly, butterfly”?


TikTokers loved the viral challenge in which they use a viral filter to try to get three available emoticons in the right order — “butter, fly” and “butterfly”.

TikTok is the best place to keep up to date with the latest viral trends on the Internet, where new content is uploaded to the platform and becomes super—viral on an ongoing basis.

One thing that many users love is calls, and the last one that went viral in the app uses a filter called “TapTap BFB” by janmahavan.

This effect allows users to tap on the screen and generate emoticons where they clicked: butter emoticons, fly emoticons or butterfly emoticons.

Emoticons appear in random order, and you never know which one will appear next, so users have set themselves the task of trying to get the order: butter, a fly, and then a butterfly.

Many decided to do this task in pairs, passing the phone to each other to try to make the right order. If they get the wrong emoji, they pass the phone to the next person, and then continue this until someone “wins”.

Videos of people trying to solve this problem have become a hit in the app, garnering millions of likes and views.

To add an extra fun layer to their videos, users have also used some of TikTok’s new voice filters that make you sound like you have a different voice, which has spawned many trends of its own.

“I’ve never laughed like that, omg,” one of the commentators wrote in response to a video featuring the trend. “LMAO voice change makes it much better,” said another.

This trend has already gained millions of views, and every day more and more participants are taking part as the task goes through the pages for you.


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