What Is Tik Tok Dating Wrap 2022? Explanation of The Viral Trend


The pages of TikTok For You have been flooded with a brand new fun Dating Wrapped trend — but what is it? Here is an explanation of the TikTok 2022 Dating Wrapped trend.

In 2022, a lot of popular “wrapped” materials appeared, from Spotify Wrapped to PlayStation 2022 Wrap Up, telling in detail about your music year, games or, in the case of new TikTok trends, about your personal life. It started when TikTok users began to talk in detail about their dating life for a year, forming a series of viral TikToks that captured the pages of users For You.

Many users will see a lot of these funny videos and wonder what the viral trend consists of, as well as what it is about in general. We have an explanation of the TikTok Dating Wrapped 2022 trend so that you know exactly what the viral trend consists of, and could also potentially create your own.

What is TikTok Dating Wrap 2022?

The TikTok Dating Wrapped trend is a repeat of the popular Spotify Wrapped, except this time it focuses on people dating throughout 2022.

The trend quickly went viral after @amberwavesofbrain posted her PowerPoint presentation detailing how much money she spends on dating, the success of her relationship and where she found her romantic partners.

Many viewers instantly embraced this idea, which caused many similar “Dating Wrap” presentations.


If any of these men see this, I want you to know that you’re not special and you’re just a number to me 😌✌🏼 #datingwrapped #wrapped #tinder #hinge #facebookdating #firstdate

♬ original sound – Amber

Similar posts have gone viral as well, and many TikTok fans have decided to create their own PowerPoint presentations detailing all the hilarious dating failures and successes they’ve experienced over the course of the year. In fact, this trend is so popular that #datingwrapped currently has just under 30 million views.

Those who want to recreate the growing trend will need to create their own Dating Wrapped PowerPoint presentations and formulate their own data.

Unlike Spotify Wrapped or other TikTok trends like anime face filter, TikTok will not create this trend for you.


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