What is “Thor: Love and Love” by Taiki Waititi? What would the director’s version of Thunder look like


Taika Waititi describes in detail how his director’s version of the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” will look like. After the success of the 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok, Waititi and Hemsworth are teaming up again for the film Thor: Love and Thunder. The MCU Phase 4 movie introduces a brand new villain in the form of Gorr, Christian Bale’s butcher god, and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) returns, this time wielding Mjolnir and bearing the title of Mighty Thor. “Thor: Love and Thunder” opened last weekend, earning $29 million in previews Thursday night, with highs on both Friday and Saturday.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” has received more mixed reviews than usual for the MCU fare, currently it has 68% on Rotten Tomatoes. While many critics praise the film’s humor and Bale’s performance as Gorr, some disagree with its tonal inconsistencies and lackluster visuals. “Thor: Love and Thunder” also runs noticeably shorter than most MCU films, and lasts just under two hours. This shorter time may be the result of a lot of scenes being cut in the film, as is often the case when the final cut of the film is being assembled. Sometimes these deleted scenes are offered later, and sometimes they are added again for special releases or director’s versions. Waititi, however, pays little attention to deleted scenes, but recently he shared what his director’s version of “Love and Thunder” will be.

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In a new interview with NME, Waititi discusses what the director’s version of the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” might look like. The director explains that although the deleted scenes are deleted for some reason, his director’s version will probably contain even more humor. Waititi also jokes that in his ideal DVD section, “deleted scenes” should just be links that could not be clicked on, so that these scenes could not even be viewed. Check out Waititi’s full comment below:

“I would say there would probably be more jokes in my version. There may be a couple deleted scenes, but as I always say, the scene is deleted because it’s not good enough to be in the movie. the scenes section on the DVD, not that they use them anymore, it should just be a list of scenes and no links so you can’t click on them!”

There have been many director’s versions in the history of cinema, primarily such as “Blade Runner”, “Apocalypse Now” and “Kingdom of Heaven”. But Waititi’s comments do not bode well for the potential release of the director’s version of the film “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Judging by the sound, there are good reasons why deleted scenes from the last Thor movie were deleted: either because they didn’t work tonally or in terms of tempo, or, as Waititi explains, they’re just “not good enough. “Although the MCU has never released a director’s version, this idea is certainly not unusual in the superhero genre: director’s versions for both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League as a whole have proved more popular than theatrical releases.

Interestingly, Waititi notes that his director’s version of “Thor: Love and Thunder” is likely to include more humor. Given that many reviews say that jokes in the film often come at the expense of emotional moments of the characters or contribute to the tonal confusion of the film, it is perhaps for the best that the director’s version of “Thor: Love and Thunder” by Waititi will not see the light of day. However, for those fans who want to view deleted scenes on DVD and Blu-ray, there is more than just inactive links!