What Is Theta Network That Is Double Valued In A Week?


Theta Network (THETA) gained 44 percent on the weekly chart and saw ATH, rising to $ 4.69 on March 5. So what are Theta Network and THETA tokens?

Theta (THETA), which increased by 98 percent on the monthly chart, saw an increase of 4 percent on a daily basis. THETA managed to hit an all-time high of $ 4.69 during the day.

Having a market value of $ 4.2 billion, THETA is in the 19th place with its market value. The daily trading volume of the token is around $ 687 million.

What are Theta Network and THETA tokens?

Launched in 2019, Theta functions as a decentralized video streaming provider on the blockchain network. Theta’s goal is to solve problems seen in current video broadcasts. Problems emphasized in today’s publications; The poor quality of the broadcasts, the high data storage requirement of the broadcasts, and their centralized and low reward system. Theta encourages users to share their bandwidth with local people for this.

Thanks to the shared bandwidth, users both earn tokens and other internet users get the chance to watch better quality videos. Users can use a mobile device, smart TV, or computer to participate in the network.

Theta, open source, has decentralized apps and hosts many entertainment-based broadcasts such as e-sports, music, TV, movies. Among Theta investors; There are companies such as Samsung, Sierra Ventures, Sparkland, IBC, Sony Innovation Fund.

THETA, the token of the network; Used in staking and community activities. There is also Theta Fuel (TFUEL) token that the network uses in on-chain operational activities. For example, users earn TFUEL for every video they post. THETA’s total supply of 1 billion is in circulation. Among the exchanges listing THETA tokens; Bitexen, Binance, OKEx, Huobi, Digifinex, HitBTC, BKEX, KuCoin, Gate.io, Hotbit and Bithumb can be displayed.


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