What is the Triple-Valued Mask Network?


Mask Network (MASK) was tripled in one week. What is Mask Network and MASK token that goes over $ 20 in 24 hours?

Mask Network (MASK); it gained 193 percent on the monthly chart, 80 percent on the two-week chart and 146 percent on the weekly chart. MASK’s daily earning was 48 percent. The token saw ATH, rising to $ 41.45 on February 24.

With a market value of $ 1.5 billion, MASK is ranked 71st with its market value. The daily trading volume of the token is around $ 421 million.

What are Mask Network and MASK?

Mask Network; It is a platform that works on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Chrome-based browsers, allowing users to send encrypted messages and share posts. It aims for internet users to switch from web 2.0 to web 3.0 and makes improvements in this regard. Provides services on Twitter and Facebook.

With Mask, cryptocurrency trading transactions can be made on social media platforms. In addition, users can perform decentralized file sharing and storage operations with Mask.

Mask Network, which received a strategic investment from Binance on April 1, plans to accelerate its multi-chain and ecosystem efforts with this investment. Binance and Mask state that they have agreed to develop the web 3.0 multi-chain ecosystem.

The network’s local token is MASK; It is used for online transactions and community activities such as voting. Among the exchanges listing MASK is OKEx.

How to buy MASK token from OKEx exchange?

The OKEx exchange launched MASK token deposits on February 24 and withdrawals on February 26. At the same time, OKEx distributed 50,000 MASK to Mask Network community members.

Users can find the MASK token in the markets section in the upper corner of the OKEx exchange. MASK can be purchased over USDT.

MASK’s 24-hour volume in the exchange is 571 million dollars. While the total supply of MASK is 100 million, its circulating supply is 61 million. The MASK supply on the OKEx exchange is 10.9 million.


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