What is the official color of ITZY? A powerful combination


ITZY has turned heads since its debut and their fandom has some representative colors. Each K-Pop group has elements that distinguish their image and their fans, ITZY girls are accompanied by bright colors that adapt very well to their style.

If you are already a fan of K-Pop groups, it is surely easy for you to associate or recognize the colors of different groups within this industry, but in the case of some more recent groups, we even see fascinating combinations between two or more shades that create an effect. special.

ITZY is one of these groups, since their debut they have worn a couple of colors that are part of their essence. The girl group debuted in February 2016, and since then they have released iconic elements such as their logo, fandom name, a light stick, and more.

ITZY’s official colors are black and neon pink, so in addition to creating a beautiful contrast, they also transmit peculiar energy through brightness.


If you remember the Dalla Dalla era, then you will surely recognize some elements with these colors ranging from stage sets to girls’ outfits, but this is a trend that has continued with success.

It is not that all their MVs are designed from these colors, but that in each era there is some stage or round of teasers that takes up the lighting and elements to always keep the official tones of the group present.

In addition, the neon vibe is also something that frequently accompanies the ITZY singers, be it in their clothes, stages, stages for photoshoots and video sets, or filming with different purposes.

We recently told you about ITZY’s fashion in MAFIA In The Morning, see how you can be inspired by their looks.


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