What Is The Nu Variant, What Are The Symptoms?


In some countries in the south of the African continent, the nu variant caused panic. While experts evaluate “the worst thing we have seen”, citizens also want to know about the new variant and ask, “What is the Nu variant, what are its symptoms?” he asks.


The variant, which has been seen in 10 people in 3 countries so far, has mutated in the “nail” protein targeted by vaccines, and the risk of escaping the immune system for this reason has raised concerns. However, it is not yet clear how contagious the variant is. 32 separate mutations were discovered in the nail protein of the “B.1.1.529variant, which was first identified in the African country Botswana and named “Nu”.


The first case in Botswana was detected on 11 November. While the number of cases in the country increased to 3, the variant was seen in 6 people in the Republic of South Africa and in 1 person who visited South Africa in Hong Kong.

Scientists are concerned about the high number of mutations in the variant and the concentration of these mutations in the protruding protein. It is feared that the current vaccines inactivate the virus by targeting this protein, not being caught in the immune system defense, and reducing the effectiveness of the vaccines, leading to new Covid waves.

“The extremely high number of mutations in the spiked protein could be a cause for serious concern,” said virologist Tom Peacock of the Imperial College London, posting details of the new variant on a genome sharing site. peacock, While describing the mutations as “terrible” in his Twitter post, he emphasized that the new variant should be followed closely. Emphasizing that the infectious rate is not yet known, Peacock also stated that this variant may not be very contagious.