What is the “nose gap” trend? The new trend of Tik Tok causes a negative reaction


The new “nose gap” trend on TikTok has been criticized as problematic. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Over the years, several trends have gone viral on the social media platform. While some of them are carefree and fun, others are more problematic and toxic.

Recently, the “hooked nose” filter went viral in a short-form app because it allowed users to see themselves with a big hooked nose. However, after being criticized for mocking ethnic groups and fueling self-doubt, TikTok removed the filter.

Now, another controversial trend known as the “nose gap” has appeared on the app, and it is already facing a backlash for making people doubt its attractiveness.

What is the “nose gap” trend?

The “nasal slit”, known scientifically as the groove, is a small area of skin between the nose and the upper lip. This feature is popular on TikTok because users assume that a small gap between the lip and nose is attractive, and a large one is “ugly”.

However, having a tiny groove is actually quite rare, and most people have grooves of the same size. Despite this, many users upload videos about how they check how big or small their gap is, and share their findings.

TikTok Trend under Fire

Many people criticize the viral trend for unnecessarily making people feel insecure because of holes in the nose, which are a normal feature of human anatomy.

In a video with over 5 million views , one TikToker said: “To all the people who say, ‘Oh, look at the gap between my nose and my mouth,’ YOU’RE HUMAN.

“You are a Homosapien. A person has eyes, nose, mouth. They may differ, but, as usual, there is a space between these functions. You’re human, don’t you want to be human?”

People in the comments also blasted the new trend as they couldn’t understand why someone might be unsure of a feature that most people have.

“They’re trying to make SOMETHING unreliable,” one of them commented. “I’m confused. Do they want their nose and mouth to touch?” added another one.

“No, I swear that next time people will start worrying about their earlobes,” wrote a third.

“You all seriously need to get off the internet and check reality. A gap in the nose? Really? Stop inventing silly insecurities to make people feel bad. Everyone has a “gap in the nose,” someone else shared.


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