What is the mutated coronavirus? What are the features


While the fight against the COVID-19 or coronavirus epidemic continues at full speed, a mutated version of the virus has recently emerged in England. England, as well as the Netherlands, Denmark, Turkey, and was found in Austria.

What is a mutated virus?

It is defined as a permanent change in the genetic material of an organism or virus. In other words, they are permanent changes in the DNA or RNA sequence within the genome of a living thing.

What are the characteristics of the mutated virus?

The characteristics of VUI-202012/01 – SARSCoV2 mutation are as follows;

  • 70 percent more contagious
  • R0 increase ~ +0.4
  • Unique changes were detected in his genetics.
  • 62 percent of recent cases in London.
  • ACE-2 increases binding affinity.

Similar to the times when the coronavirus first emerged, various claims are made about its mutated state. One of them is that its contagiousness is higher after the mutation, but it is less likely to cause death or severe disease, which is called fatality among patients.


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