What Is The Metaverse Called “New World”?


The word “metaverse” is a combination of the meanings of the words “meta” (beyond) and “universe” (universe). Metaverse means to be virtually in the area where you want to be physically and to create the world for it.

Values ​​that make up the metaverse

In the recent past, when Augmented Reality was mentioned for the first time and glasses were used for it, the use of this technology by people made it possible to think about how it could be spread and applied quickly in the society. The lack of physical reality and physical permanent space, the presence of Avatars, and concentration on virtual spaces, including in all areas of the Internet; The idea of ​​creating a world in which other physical persons act in cooperation with virtual persons and in which they can share in this environment constitutes the main point of the metaverse world.

Here, the motion system that exists in the virtual world takes place in real time and interacts with the surrounding elements. The artificial information and elements that the avatar is in can be compatible with the real world. The fact that a real person can use the values ​​he has acquired in this world in the real world can give him the pleasure of happiness. All of these values ​​correspond to the question of what is the metaverse.

Why is the metaverse important?

Although Metaverse may seem like an idea from science fiction movies, as a result of people staying at home due to viruses such as the Covid 19 virus and its variants, the importance of knowledge and access to knowledge rather than physical existence will be understood, which will make this period seem like a milestone in the future. Processing the information to be obtained by the avatars presented with augmented reality in the metaverse and using it in the real world can make the work of people much easier.

For example, as Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft company, mentioned in December 2021, school, concert, meeting, etc. realizing the value of time lost in transportation, ticket queue, waiting for a teacher, artist or conference time rather than being physically present in many areas; stated that the avatar’s presence there will become widespread in 2-3 years to access information. Of course, in a world where even the Facebook company changed its name to Meta, Microsoft couldn’t stand still. He said that they will also be in the metaverse sector.(1)

In the Metaverse world within the Blockchain world, new worlds are formed by the use of NFTs, meeting different people with devices formed with technological neural networks transmitting brain frequencies; It will enable the creation of entertainment, art, sports and commerce platforms, and the creation of millions of values ​​as a content medium. With the avatars used, business opportunities will be provided to many people in the commercial sense and it will be possible to eliminate the borders between the countries and the economic and social differences related to this in the real world.

We can think of the Metaverse as a virtual world that we can contribute to its construction. In other words, it is possible to establish a life that completely simulates the real world, as in the alternative universe that appears in the Matrix movie, or, for example, in the Second Life game that reaches millions of users. (2) In this world, smart contracts obtained with values ​​in the form of NFT, cryptocurrencies and islands, houses, pets It will be possible to buy works of art, painting and music and to live with these creatures in these places.

Why should we join the Metaverse?

The value of being a participant in such a system is also great. Today, the “internet” does not have an owner, but when we look at the most valuable publicly traded companies in the world, the leading internet and technology tools developers are seen in the top rows. With the use of Blockchain by these companies and the fact that they will really replace the internet in the metaverse, it will be able to see big rises in economic terms. The Metaverse can generate a greater number and variety of opportunities than we see online.

It will spawn new companies, products, and services to manage everything from payment processing, authentication, recruitment, advertising, voting in elections, gaming or social media content creation, security, and more. This will result in monetary flows. This will further increase the need for cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Formation of virtual museums and virtual painting and music etc. with NFT in these museums. The presence of products can create the most important door in opening to this world.

Of course, in this case, such Metaverse and NFT supported cryptocurrencies will play a very important role. At this stage, by reading the white paper (purpose and features) of such crypto currencies, to understand what it supports, what its projects are, the roadmap to follow and the algorithm it uses, whether the method used to produce crypto money is environmentally friendly, by holding crypto money with a proof-of-stake system such as PoS. It will be very important to follow the systems built on creating accumulation.

With the feasibility and traceability of these works on a platform such as Blockchain, it is predicted that many jobs and working styles will emerge depending on this even today.

How will Metaverse be set up?

Countless new technologies, protocols, companies, innovations and discoveries will be required for Metaverse to work. Researching the scope of protocols in the metaverse world, the double world helix it creates, how it will affect human psychology, whether the devices connected to neural networks can actually harm the nervous system, and presenting concrete evidence on the subject; may be important for the future.

The sudden intrusion of the Metaverse into our lives and the creation of Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche, etc. support with smart contract-based cryptocurrencies; It is expected to become widespread and functional with the use of cryptocurrencies in the metaverse world. Of course, although the high commission fees (fee fees) when used in these purchases are a problem for now, the Ethereum update or other cryptocurrencies that can be used in the smart contract will be enough to solve the problem. It should not be forgotten that these existential values ​​can have the feature of updating themselves over time.

For Metaverse, besides the existing infrastructure, there should be technological devices that will provide augmented reality and make the existence of environments that will meet the requirements. The creation of devices that will work with smart glasses and smart body nervous systems (smell, temperature, cold detection) will be possible with the spread of OpenAI, founded by Elon Musk, and many similar companies. (3)

Although it is foreseen that relatively high quality virtual reality and augmented reality technologies will spread in 3-5 years with VR Reality and Augmentid Reality, especially within games, the features sought in devices are Oculus Rift *, HTC Vive * and Windows, which will provide a good graphics processing unit (GPU) or visual communication. May be required for use with Mixed Reality Ultra*. It is thought that the GPU will still be effective in creating the high resolution and impressive visuals needed for VR (For Virtual Visuality).(4)

It is thought that the metaverse world can enter our lives even faster as a result of the spread of the internet 3-0 as a periodical technology in our world, internet shopping that accelerated with Covid-19, the existence of social networks and the spread of education, art and sports, and the increase in the need for the use of avatars.