What Is The Latest In Bitcoin (BTC) Whale Positions?


What Is The Latest In Bitcoin (BTC) Whale Positions? Is Trust Increasing To Ethereum (ETH)? Horizontal movements in Bitcoin are triggering the rise in altcoins.

Bitcoin’s horizontal movements above $ 57,000 made altcoins go green.

Bitcoin’s movements are of great importance in the rally that started last week under the leadership of Ethereum, the largest altcoin, and continues this week. As of May, we observe that money flows into altcoins with every horizontal movement in Bitcoin.

Despite Dogecoin absorbing the market’s volume, the continued rise of major altcoins indicates that money inflows are increasing.

“They Continue To Accumulate BTC”

We previously reported that long-term Bitcoin wallets started to accumulate Bitcoin. Glassnode founders shared the current picture, saying that long-term Bitcoin holders continue to accumulate BTC. This is important as it shows that the big Bitcoin whales are expecting the price will rise further.

Analysts stated that investors who were selling panic after the sharp drops in Bitcoin were feeding the whales.

“Trust In ETH Continues”

The founders shared data for Ethereum. Accordingly, investors continue to trust Ethereum. Despite the increasing price, it is seen that there is no serious ETH inflow to the crypto money exchanges and ETH continues to be withdrawn from the exchanges.


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