What is the Kardashian curse?


According to this theory, the ancestors of this family have a lot to do with their success and that of their partners.

The celebrity family took off to fame in a very particular way, which is why some weird theories have come up around her life and how they have gained so much popularity. One of them was shared by Meet Magazine, where it was suspected that the girls in this family have a past linked to dark magic.

This belief comes from a story that affirms that the ancestors of this family come from Armenia , where, according to an old story, during 1800 there lived a woman named Kekel Kardashian , a girl who despite being beautiful, faced a difficult life at having a child at an early age.

To try to solve her problems, Kekel approached the Shikahogh clan of witches who told them that she was willing to do anything to improve her son’s future, after questioning her if she was sure that she wanted to change her soul for the sake of someone Plus she said that all she wanted was fame, beauty and fortune for all her next generations , even if she did not benefit from this, since she did not want to see her descendants in the misery that she was in.

Added to this story is the so-called ‘Kardashian curse‘, of which even the girls in that family have spoken. In accordance with this idea, it is believed that the men who date the Kardashians are victims of a curse, where it does not matter if your relationship seems promising or not, by breaking your bond with them your life will suffer conditions as a side effect.

These ideas could be related because, according to the story, only women would benefit from Kekel’s treatment , while men who leave the family become someone of little relevance.

Although it is only assumptions that some have created around the fame of this family, some think that such a story does have certain points that coincide with the way the Kardashians live , how crazy does this theory seem to you?