What Is The Ideal Type Of K-Pop Band Stray Kids?


Chan’s leader said he didn’t have the perfect type, but he also said he would like someone who looked more like a mother. In fact, someone who knows how to take care of others, someone who has a mature nature with a pleasant mixture of personality that can be fun and play, technically allowing himself to relax. He also needs affectionate and fearless in the manifestation of his affection. Also someone who can cook very well, is soft-hearted, who can stand up and defend herself and considers herself a strong and confident woman.

Ujin, the eldest, wants someone charming and charismatic. In a sense, someone who can “knock” him down from the love in his heart. A person who has a sweet aura that rolls off of them, and someone who can keep up with his sleepy nature. Also someone who has the same hobbies as him and is willing to try new things with him.

The ideal type of sexy and handsome rapper and vocalist Lee Know is someone who looks like him and shows the same love for dance performances. With black humor and long hair.

Changbin, the dark rapper, now has the perfect type — just someone who will laugh with him. Someone who makes him smile whenever they are together, someone who shares the same interests as him, someone who cares and is willing to help others. Because Changbin helps others, not himself.

Super cute rapper Hyunjin, whose ideal type would be the Genie from Got7! It probably shows how much he loves him! But what he also really prefers in someone is someone who is passionate about the things that he himself is, but is also able to attract his attention very well. Someone hardworking, very charming and not afraid to express their opinion. But it can also take good care of them and others. He would also like her to be shy but cool at the same time.

Han is really a lovely and charming rapper/vocalist. The ideal type now would be a hardworking person with a very bright personality. Someone who can keep his attention in them. Someone who can laugh with him. Someone who is charismatic, pays attention, who can be a little clingy, but loving. He would also love someone who can put him on his feet without trying to be very hard to reach. He would also love someone who loves music and can help him write songs. But someone who is with him as a best friend.

Felix, a super-sympathetic Australian rapper, the ideal type includes the following: someone unique and kind-hearted. He would really like someone to be shy and could balance it with sociability and charisma. Also someone who won’t mind his constant display of affection consisting of hand hugs. But someone who can balance him and keep him on the same level and happy, and someone who is patient and not averse to helping him when he needs it.

Now it’s Seungmin, a charming sunny vocal ideal. He wants someone soft and kind who is as shy as he is, but when they open up and come out of their “shell”, they are a little loud and can keep up with him. And who is not afraid to try something new with him. He says he would also like someone who can take care of him, knows how to cook and will take care of him when he is overworked.


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