What is the Hawkeye pizza dog doing now? She’s living her best life


An adorable new image shows Jolt, the golden retriever who played Lucky Pizza in “Hawkeye,” who is living her best life after appearing in the MCU. Last year, the Marvel cinematic universe entered new territory thanks to the expansion of TV series through the streaming service Disney+. Having been a supporting player throughout his time in the franchise, Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton has finally starred in Hawkeye, which explores his newfound partnership with young archer Kate Bishop (played by Hailee Steinfeld). The series also touched on Clint’s grief after losing his best friend Natasha Romanova.

A lot of new characters have appeared in the series, but one furry friend has become the highlight of the series. Lucky the Pizza Dog was a loyal assistant to Kate Bishop, who, as his name implies, especially loved pizza. Despite the fact that Lucky appeared in only a few scenes in “Hawkeye”, he certainly made a lasting impression on the audience, who were happy to see how the character jumped to the small screen from the comics. In the final episode of Hawkeye, Lucky went to live with Clint on his family’s farm, and many hoped that this might leave the door open for the future appearance of a cute puppy.

Now the cute animal actress from “Lucky Pizza Hawkeye” is telling her many fans on Instagram, offering a look at what she has been doing since she worked in the MCU series. A cute image shared by Jolt.of.genius shows Jolt in what looks like an exciting adventure, rocking a colorful costume complete with very cool glasses. The caption to the post offers her subscribers a nice update that says Jolt is “living [her] best life.” After a short break in her Instagram post quickly gathered a lot of likes and comments, and many were happy to see Jolt having fun.

Jolt quickly gained a lot of fans after her appearance in “Hawkeye”, and her owner shared a lot of BTS images taken during the filming of the MCU show. Along with photos of Jolt with her co-stars, Renner and Steinfeld, one post even showed Jolt’s reaction to Lucky in “Hawkeye” when the adorable puppy seemed to recognize himself on screen. After the dramatic events of “Hawkeye” that welcomed Kingpin Vincent D’Onofrio into the MCU chronology, many were curious to know the status of a potential Season 2, although nothing was confirmed at this stage.

This delightful update from Jolt is likely to bring a smile to the faces of many fans who will be happy to see the puppy having fun and enjoying what seems to be a well-deserved break after Hawkeye. While Lucky the Pizza Dog’s future in the MCU is still unknown, the incredible fan reception means many are hoping to see Jolt return at some point, especially given Kate Bishop’s introduction to the MCU, which may now see Steinfeld involved in various future projects. . However, until then, we hope to get more photos of Jolt living his best life.