What is the genre of “Cute girls do cute things” and why do people like it?


Anime is a medium with many genres, but none of them is as specific as the genre of “Cute Girls do cute things”. This is a special subgenre of anime about life that is popular enough to get its own theme tag in the MyAnimeList. Although the term is usually associated with the moe culture of the early 2000s and 2010s, the genre has started to come back with the recent trend for bits of life and romance to come to the fore in mainstream anime.

But what distinguishes “Cute Girls Do Cute Things”, often abbreviated to CGDCT, from other anime about life with female protagonists? How did it all start and what went on? And, of course, why is he experiencing a rebirth? CGDCT is a very specific subgenre of life that may not be for everyone, but it should not be overlooked.

What does CGDCT anime do?

Now there is a difference between a female excerpt from life and an anime CGDCT. The main difference, frankly, is in the content; is this the only goal for cute female heroes? If the anime you’re watching is more focused on plot than appeal, then it’s not a real CGDCT. Some anime, such as the recent Keep Your Hands Off The Eizouken! they do contain an all-female cast doing useful things together, but the anime is focused on plot development, where girls create their anime more than on cute moments, so technically it doesn’t count. Keep your hands off Eisoken! however, it’s still worth a look.

A great example of CGDCT, which is often considered the brainchild of a poster, is K-On!, and it has the highest rating under the CGDCT tag on MyAnimeList. Although there may be a minute or two in an episode where the plot develops, albeit slightly, most of the episode focuses on the cute and charming antics of no less cute girls. The relationships between the girls, their daily lives and the stereotypically cute things they do together make up more than 90% of the show.

The early 2000s and 2010s were full of CGDCT anime. Besides K-On!, other notable works in this genre include Lucky Star, Is The Order A Rabbit?, Yuru Camp and Non Non Biyori. Sometimes there is a CGDCT with a twist, such as “The Girl’s Last Tour”, which is a CGDCT with a wartime theme, and the infamous “School-Live”, which barely penetrates the CGDCT genre. Most idol anime also fit into this genre, especially if they focus more on the antics of girls than on the plot or music.

What makes CGDCT worthy of attention?

As in any genre, it completely depends on your taste. At the same time, it is worth checking CGDCT. CGDCT is mostly known as plotless media. But that’s the beauty of it; it’s something under which you can completely relax or unwind without missing the key elements. CGDCT is usually predictable, with the exception of School-Live, but this is part of the draw not only of CGDCT, but also of life. Predictability makes the genre not only familiar, but also easy to watch regardless of your mood.


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