What is the future of urban mobility?


With a cell phone, it is possible to resolve several issues at a distance, something provided by the digital universe and the development of new technologies. To commemorate this evolution and many others, the Urban Mobility Week was created, which in 2020 is celebrated from 18 to 25 September, showing that the future tends to be increasingly simplified.

When you think about what’s next, it is common to mention autonomous cars, flying vehicles, space travel and teleportation, things expected for the 2000s and which have already been discarded by many people. However, it is necessary to leave discouragement aside and rethink some concepts, as research in the area is exponential, as explained by Daniela Klaiman, a futurist invited by Youse, Caixa Seguradora’s digital platform that offers auto, life and home insurance in a webinar dedicated to the subject matter.

According to Klaiman, news in the sector starts slowly, until they reach their best moments and are being improved quickly. As several of them have been studied for many years, we barely understand what is happening and, out of nowhere, we will be traveling through space. For this, adequate infrastructure is essential not only for things that will emerge in 5 or 50 years.

Barcelona (Spain) and Amsterdam (Netherlands), for example, are European cities that offer environments conducive to commuting by bicycle and inspire other places. Intermodals that guarantee integrated travel are also part of good planning to optimize the population’s quality of life and should be driven by the adoption of home offices and the strengthening of so-called micro-communities.

After all, what will be the need to travel great distances if everything essential is ever closer? Prioritizing collective solutions will be one of the necessary steps so that nobody is left out: “Individual and collective always go together when we talk about mobility”, says Klaiman. 5G, of course, will play a big role in this story.


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