What is the Fishbowl app & How do you use it?


People who use apps like LinkedIn or Glassdoor may have heard of Fishbowl and are probably wondering what makes it unique among other social apps that already have a huge user base. Fishbowl prides itself on being a virtual water cooler for working people, where people can talk to each other about everything related to work, whether it’s their role, the culture of their company or the community they are a member of. And at the same time, they can enjoy the veil of anonymity on the Internet without losing the sincerity or pleasure that can be obtained in conversations.

The market for social apps designed to bring together like—minded people is already saturated – strangers can join the same Facebook group and discuss anything, and those who are in the same organization can use platforms such as Slack or Discord to communicate with colleagues. staff. Professionals looking for a more—as the name suggests —professional path for their job-related queries tend to use LinkedIn, whether to connect with other people in their industry for online one-on-one or to tidy up their biographical data. to land their next gig. Fishbowl aims to be a combination of all of these — a place to find a job, but more importantly, a social platform where people can safely discuss experiences related to their careers and interests.

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Users can register a Fishbowl account as a professional or a student. To create an account, users will be prompted to enter their work email address or log in using their LinkedIn, Google, Apple or Facebook accounts. This is done so that all professionals are vetted and can openly discuss work issues, and are armed with flexible identification preferences. As soon as the user allows the applications to use their credentials to log in to the selected social network account, they will be prompted to provide an email address for Fishbowl account notifications. They will then need to select the primary industry they are currently working in, with the option of adding multiple secondary industries if applicable. As soon as the user enters the name of his position, the areas in which he understands, birthday and gender (with the customizable option enabled), he has the option to add other social media accounts to speed up the account verification process. In the meantime, they can start browsing the Fishbowl app while waiting for confirmation.

Publish anonymously in the Fishbowl app

Fishbowl has the makings of a great alternative to LinkedIn. “My Feed” contains messages from people from the industry in which they work, where they can get advice or share their work history. Here they can tune in to the scheduled audio broadcasts of “Live Events”. On the “Career” tab there is a “Vacancies” section where users can upload their resumes, follow companies and receive alerts about relevant vacancies or customize their preferences so that the most reliable vacancies appear when searching. Employers can also post vacancies, while potential employees who apply for multiple vacancies at the same time can track all their applications in one place. There is also a “Companies” section, which allows users to view all the messages of employees of one organization on one page, which makes it a great search tool for anyone who is interested or looking for a new job.

However, Fishbowl’s bread and butter is a “Bowl” feature, similar to Facebook groups, but a bit more career—oriented. Users can join the corresponding “bowls” and communicate with people from different walks of life. Employees of all levels and employers are all in the mix, making it an equal playing field for honesty and important conversations. Anonymous publication in bowls allows you to crowdsource tips without worrying that colleagues will find out about any work-related problems that the user is not ready to share on his behalf. To make sure that their identity is protected, users should touch the “I” icon in the lower right corner of the screen and click “Send as: (name)”. Fishbowl users will be able to post on their own behalf or anonymously, either on behalf of a person who “works for (company name)” or simply on behalf of their position.