What Is The Difference Between Smartwatch And Smartband?


Smartwatch: Choosing a new smart watch or bracelet may not seem like an easy task, especially when considering between a Smartwatch or Smartband. These wrist accessories have similarities in their intelligent appearance, but many differentiated functionality and designs.

While Smartwach is more functional and independent, equipped with more features and access to applications, Smartband offers more specific functions, such as physical exercise support.

Thus, to help you when choosing between Smartband or Smartwatch, in this article we have separated some differences that can weigh at the time of purchase. Check out:


Smartwatch, as its name already anticipates, has an appearance closer to that of an ordinary watch. The display, however, is naturally more worked to present information, texts, icons and access to the equipment’s functions. This makes it a little heavier than the Smartband, which does not have hardware attached to the device.

The Smartband, in turn, is more like a bracelet, it is even smaller and lighter than the Smartwatch, as it offers support for physical activities. It presents a functional style of support, and therefore brings a more discreet design composed of lightweight materials.


Smartwatch works away from the phone, without having to be connected to a smartphone all the time. It is possible to interact with notifications received on mobile applications, answer calls, control music streaming applications, among other functions. Therefore, it brings more complete functions and a more worked technological experience.

The Smartband, on the other hand, offers more traditional functions, such as time, alarm clock and stopwatch, in addition to the great support for physical activities, in which it presents more developed aspects. In addition to being made with lighter material to favor physical activity, it presents information such as performance, speed and even the user’s heartbeat. In the Smartband you can see the notifications received on the cell phone, but it is not possible to interact with them.


In this regard, the Smartwatch is a little behind. Because it has autonomy, provides more resources and has a much larger display, obviously its battery would have a shorter life. Thus, the amount of refills is slightly higher.

In the Smartband the battery is very durable, since we talk about performance. In some more modern models, the device can hold up to 30 days without needing a refill.


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