What is the controversy surrounding Prince Charles in the fifth season of “The Crown”? Here’s everything you need to know


The Netflix royal saga has plunged the entire Buckingham Palace into its most terrible contradictions. The Crown miraculously brought back to the media all the tragedies of the 90s and the infamous divorces. The death of the queen added fuel to the fire, which led to the fact that King Charles became king. However, hardly anyone knew that the dark past was also connected with hegemony, at least that’s what the series suggests.

Apart from what we saw through the closed doors of Buckingham, there was much more to the show than what appeared before our eyes. Recent episodes allegedly show that King Charles came up with several infamous conspiracies that fueled fat due to his alleged greed for the throne. The screenwriters of “The Crown”, which takes place in 1991, portrayed him as a son with a black heart who tried to overthrow his mother when she was still breathing life.

Crown: King Charles tried to overthrow the late Queen Elizabeth

Even after he was eligible to succeed Queen Elizabeth II, the show showed him engaging in some nasty games with his correspondents, among whom, apparently, was also the then Prime Minister of Great Britain. The world-famous drama series has given this extremely negative attribute to a fictional prince, who is actually the current monarch. Many people, even their subjects in the United Kingdom, had no idea about the same.

Since one thing led to another, the documents relating to this case were allegedly hidden in the palace. The Sunday Times newspapers wrote that she was “outdated”, and the testimony was kept away from the Queen. However, the queen eventually got him. The sudden appearance of news in her space left her very disappointed in his beloved son. However, she finally found the truth. In his last days, her husband Prince Philip provided emotional support to the Queen.

Unfortunately, the support didn’t last long, as the Prince also left us all behind. However, royal experts or some trustworthy sources have not yet confirmed the portrayal of such gospel truths. However, former Prime Minister Sir John Major has completely denied these facts. He is extremely disgusted with the show and declares that it’s all just “a barrel of malicious nonsense.” The political entity is always in the headlines because of its fierce disagreement with the show for centuries.

It is clear that fantasy, as well as the fiasco in real life, completely led the current monarch to complete condemnation. What do you think about this? Do you think it’s all true? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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